Saturday, November 20, 2010

Can I Get an Amen?

Okay, I have posted this multiple times.  I want you to listen to this sermon.  I know, I know, you are thinking, "When will she stop posting this?"!

This is not just a message for families that have adopted children.  This is a message that the body of Christ needs to hear!  Just LISTEN. Please. The most clear, concise, Biblical exposition on this topic I have ever heard or read.

I guess what I am needing is to know that you have heard the message.  If I can get some comments-it can just be an "amen"-it will feel like I have made the world a better place and I won't post about this sermon again.  :) 

Love, Amy


Dave and Angie: said...

Hi Amy,
So grateful for your call yesterday! It encouraged me to know you care and are praying.
OK, I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this sermon of TRUTH!!! I AMENED, and cried(doesn't take much for me) through it. I posted on my blog about it with links to it after I listened. It is definitely a MUST listen. In fact, I need to listen to it again.
Love you sister,
~Angie D

David and Larisa said...

We love this sermon, Amy, and have recommended it to lots of people since finding it on your blog! I agree with you - it's one of the best explanations I've heard, and I really believe that all Christians should listen to it.

Vanessa - Lynn David Handbag Co. said...

AMEN! I listened to this a few weeks back and have been spreading the word ever since. Great Truth!! A MUST for Christ followers!!

erica said...

Amy - I, too, listened to the sermon and absolutely loved it! And thank you so much for bringing it up again - I just received an e-mail from a family who is in the process of adopting. They are dealing with racist issues with a member of their family, and I think I will e-mail this link back to her right now! I think EVERYONE should hear this!

erica said...

Just me again - I forwarded this link on to my friend, and she LOVED it. It really encouraged her at a time when she really needed it. She forwarded it on to several other people, too. I definitely think there was a great reason you brought this up again! :)

mamamargie said...

This is a very beautiful explanation and so true. I think Ken Ham from Answers in Genesis does something similar to this. God created one man and one woman and we are ALL descended from them. When we adopt, we are really just adopting another member of our human family.

Kristi said...

Thanks, Amy, for posting this again. I really enjoy Voddie, but I have never listened to this sermon before.
Adi and I stayed home from church sick today, so I listened to it this morning and really, really enjoyed it (as in painfully uttered "amen" and "ouch").
Thanks again.

LauraZ said...


Angie D encouraged me to listed to this several weeks ago and I did. My husband and I both really like it. We thought about trying to get our family to listen to it before bringing our children home. Such a good message. Thank you for sharing it.

Janell said...

Finally got to listen and yes, I can give you a big Amen from me. :) Love it.