Tuesday, November 30, 2010

We Are Here…And Thankful

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  Yes, I am a little late to be wishing you thankfulness but it seems that the holiday came with a gusto and was quickly over, taking all my energy with it.  :) The girls started teething full force on Thanksgiving. Jon ended up at Walmart at 1:00 am on Friday morning, getting medicine for our sick little girls.  I didn’t process that it was Black Friday and I was sending him into chaos.  He handled it like a champ and actually found a few great sales.  ;)

We are in recovery mode now. 

A little update on life’s progress:

-Little J started walking about 10 days ago (video to follow as soon as I can get it figured out.)

-Both have about six teeth just under the gums

-The Littles can do so many animal sounds now and are starting to imitate everything.

-11-30 006

I found a little stuffed frog and the girls LOVE to kiss it!  It hasn’t transformed to a prince yet, but that is okay by me, we couldn’t handle a relationship right now. :)


Anonymous said...

ahhh....teething twins....I remember saying "where is the medicine for Mommy?" LOL My Sofia labored over her teeth---I had heard of bleeding gums but never went through that before. Because Sofia & Maya are identical twins, they have always teethed together--even working on the same teeth.

So excited J's is walking!!

Kristen said...

Tell J & A I can relate... the whole frog kissing thing never really worked for me either. :)

Alison said...

So precious!! Love them in their OH t-shirts!!!

Wells L said...

Glad you are feeling better. Teething - ohhh, but walking - ahhhh! Praying for you all!

mamamargie said...

I had to laugh at the Black Friday emergency Walmart run. Classic! :)