Thursday, November 18, 2010

Change the World

Wow.  Your response has been so incredible on the scarves.  You are so excited about shopping for a cause!  I updated my inventory list (at the bottom of this post).  I have a few more fun things!!! It is just so exciting to know that 100% of what you are giving is directly going to help.  :)  Love it.

Here for the giveaway?  Click here.  It ends tonight!  I know, it is a little early, but things have sold so fast, I had to hold back a few scarves from a few different varieties and I would love to be able to sell them!

Before I get to my updated inventory, I wanted to let you know of other places you can shop for a cause.  Wouldn’t it be awesome if a majority of our Christmas shopping helped others? 

Through the month of November, there is a family we can help.  I met Mindy in Middle School Girl’s Camp.  Yeah, a long time ago.  We didn’t stay in touch; however, through the wonderful world or adoption and blogs, we have reconnected and they are in the process of adopting a baby girl from Ethiopia.  Here is a picture of their sweet family. (Mindy, I hope you don’t think it is creepy that I found a picture of you!)

Ordinary Hero has a line of apparel and for the month of November, $10 of each shirt sale goes to support a family in the adoption process.  They have some really amazing adult shirts and cute kids shirts.

Little J and Little A modeling their Ordinary Here shirts, “I’m gonna change the world”. It is one of the softest t-shirts I have ever felt. 

11-18 037


(In case you are confused, this is not me modeling this amazing oatmeal hoodie :)).

If you look in the sidebar at you will see the shirts and if you purchase, you can add a special note to seller where if you write “Michael and Melinda Anliker”, $10 of what you paid  goes towards their adoption.  Cool, huh?

MamaMimi has compiled an incredible list of gifts for a cause, and the gifts from her list range from helping orphans and widows to helping finance adoptions and has a large variety of items from tutus to cookbooks.  Check it out. It is amazing. Click here.

Now for the inventory

I am really thankful that the response has been so amazing!  I didn’t really want these scarves sitting around until Summer anyhow!  However, this does mean we are out of a lot of the styles of the scarves.  But the good news is that we had some other really cool things in the suitcase. 100% of what you pays goes to helping orphans. 

If you are interested in purchasing them, e-mail me at


I really wanted to keep these.  They are so cool.  These are pillowcases for throw pillows.

Dimensions: 15X16

The designs you see are handsewn. You will need to add a naked pillow to fill the case. :)

Price: 2 for $30 or 1 for $20

11-18 inventory 001

11-18 inventory 003


11-18 inventory 00411-18 inventory 006

These are cream, not white. 


There are two types of bags, the white ones have a zipper closure.  A few of the white ones need a soiled spot removed.

The black ones have a matching scarf included. (I have 3 of those)

11-18 inventory 008

White purses: $12

Black purses with cool matching scarves: $15

Scarves Left

Group F

All left besides Ethiopian flag colors and red

Scarves for Sale 093

Group H

Orange stripe, pink stripe, teal stripe, yellow stripe left.

Scarves for Sale 099

other items 003



Very warm! $15, perfect for a lap blanket or a child’s blanket.

other items 006

I do add shipping to these orders.

Your generosity is blessing many!


Carissa J. said...

Wow! I can't believe how fast you sold those scarves! And I love the idea of gifts with a purpose! I also think you missed your calling in sales, Amy. :) (JK, motherhood, orphan advocate suits you just fine! :))

Mindy said...

AMY!! What in the world?! Is THIS what you wanted that picture for?! I'm SO glad I didn't find the one you were asking for and you used this one instead - you saved us both from a lot of embarrassement!

You are just too sweet to do this! THANK YOU! What a surprise to check your blog and find this post! You rock. :)

I'm in love with those pillowcases - I will be e-mailing you shortly!

Oh, and the girls look fabulous in their Change the World shirts - LOVE THEM!! Thanks for supporting us!