Thursday, November 11, 2010

The First Stepping Stone

Thank you all for your prayers. I have had an incredible day, filled with peace.  After I posted about Trini, the memories were so fresh and painful that I had a rough few days and then this morning woke up with a restful heart.

In honor of November being National Adoption Month, I am going to highlight a few really helpful resources over the next few weeks.

The first one I want to mention is an amazing, free resource for Christian singles and families.  Many families who think about adoption stop before they even get started because of all the confusion. 

Loving Shepherd Ministries (LSM) believes that families considering adoption need 4 things:

1) Prayer

2) Quality Information

3) More Prayer

4) More Quality Information.

You can’t act on information you don’t have. 

On Loving Shepherd’s website, there is a free assessment that families can fill out and then you are linked to loads of objective, PERSONALIZED information, specific to your situation. LSM is NOT an agency.

Information on domestic adoption, private adoption, embryo adoption, foster-to-adopt, international adoption, country information, agencies, tax credit, funding sources plus loads more.

It is like the Consumer Reports of agencies.

If you have ever considered adoption, check it out.  It is no obligation to more forward after you fill it out.  You are provided with information if you ever want to move forward.  There is specific up to date information on countries and you can receive a list of which countries your family qualifies for.  There is also loads of info on domestic private adoption, foster to adopt, embryo adoption, etc. 

When starting the process again, Jon and I would fill out the assessment again because the world of adoption is always changing.  If adoption has crossed your radar, check it out. If you have adopted, check it out and tell your friends.

Go to Loving Shepherd Ministries website at and click on Adoption Resources or click here.

We cannot say enough good about LSM.

They have served over 4000 families nationwide.

And for those of you who are here thinking, “Hey, where are the cute pictures of Little J and Little A?

These are for you. :)

11-11 021 

11-11 235

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mamamargie said...

Wow! Thanks for the info. My husband and I are looking to start the adoption process again (fourth time for me, third time for him) in January. Glad to have all the resources we can.

And the pics, as always, are just the cutest way to start my day. :)