Thursday, July 11, 2013

Any Relation To Simba?

I try smiling, getting on their level, talking in a high pitched voice, wearing a scarf, it doesn't matter. The kids are scared of me. The ones three and up who I see on a regular basis slowly let me into their circles, but the babies and toddlers, if I even get too close, they freak out.

Disheartened, I asked, "Why are they scared of me?" The answer is one that has followed me since my first summer in Mexico 10 years ago. "It's because they aren't used to a white face…and they think you look like a lion".

So, when I can do anything to get a young one to come near, I seize the opportunity.

Image 4

A young sweetie who was visiting our home. Totally used bribery to bring him near. He was so enamored by the dog, he forgot about the dangerous predator holding it.

Image 3

And then this sweet little girl, laid back enough to fixate on something else and forget the scary lady holding her.

It makes me laugh to think about all white, adoptive parents to Ethiopia have to overcome. Poor kids, as if they don't have enough to frighten them, then lions come and take them home. 



Kristen Hoerr said...

hilarious. laughing really hard. Why do kids love Sandy (the dog) so much? :)

Matt and Kristi said...

Hahahahaha!!!! I mean, sorry to laugh at your difficult time with the kiddos, but seriously, this is funny stuff!

Jess said...

Bahahahah!! This just made my morning.

Sarah said...

This struck me so funny!

Kelly Sawl said...

I can definitely relate! Our first few days running the preschool were tough because the children were afraid of us! We just had to laugh. They eventually got used to us though :)

Sheila said...

Thank you! I needed a laugh! Husband is in Geramy and I'm hone alone with five kiddos!! At least a lion is somewhat China, they just think we are odd!