Monday, July 15, 2013

Market Monday

Market days here are Tuesday and Saturday. However, remember the body-to-body chaos I've previously explained? We decided to test drive the market on an "off day" to see how The Littles coped with the people and attention. Jon was with us and did what I have not dared to do, he got out a camera.

IMG 1502

They rocked it (and yes, my hair needs a brush. We have one small handheld mirror in this house and will get another one in Addis, until then, I never see what my whole face looks like at one time and certainly don't have the ability to look at my hair.)

IMG 1495

We bought our carrots and then, even though no one has eggs on a Monday, we found a man who did, 28 of them. (I shoot for 30 a week, good protein source).

IMG 1518

So we bought our eggs and moved on. I was so glad to see the eggs, I wasn't thinking and purchased them immediately. Normally I buy those last because there are no egg cartons, they just put them in the plastic bag I bring.

IMG 1519

These little boys shook The Littles hands repeatedly. Oh my, they were sweet.

IMG 1527

Hmm. How bad do I want an injera plate…not bad enough to wade through this with The Littles.

As we walked to the back part of the market, there was a volleyball game being played with probably 100+ onlookers. Jon noticed how well they were playing. Through a series of events, Jon was elatedly, in the game and and after watching one of his serves, the crowd collectively gasped in delight and broke into applause. Yes, this foringe (foreigner, what they call us everywhere) was in the game! After one game, they invited him to stay for another. This was probably mostly older teen and men in there 20's playing. After the game, Jon realized they were playing for money. He is still smiling he got to play volleyball here. Maybe he will want to come back to the market with me. :) I wish I had a camera of my very white husband in the midst of all of this. It was heartwarming and hope giving. An assurance that we can find a place in this community.

In the meantime, I tried to keep my eyes on The Littles and make sure my shoulder bag of carrots, potatoes and eggs was not squashed.

While he played, The Littles cheered until they got bored and then would find a pile of animal poop, squat down over it and pretend they had just done it. Oh my. I tried to discourage it but could hardly stop laughing which only encouraged the game. Then I pretended I didn't know them and walked away. Just kidding. Jon finally finished and we exited soon after. 

IMG 1530

And that's a wrap of our market Monday.



Mindy said...

What an adventure!!! Sounds like a great first trip to the market!

Todd ~ Teresa said...

Everyone looks like they are adapting well. The people are accepting you,the littles are happy and you and Jon are amazing!

Anonymous said...

Ha! I Love This Post! I can just see the Littles' smiles while playing the joke with the animal stuff. And having been on the receiving end of one of Jon's v-ball serves... Sounds like you're in you're element! :)

Matt Florek

Molly said...

This was very fun to read - love the details of life there and the thoughts behind them!