Monday, July 1, 2013

The Blueberry House

One of the men who works with us, "F", needs our prayers. His wife is terribly sick with pneumonia and stomach ulcers. He has missed several days of work and when I asked him about it this morning, his eyes filled with tears. Would you pray with me that F and his family could see the glory of God through the healing of his wife? 



Q: Why are we calling it the blueberry house?  

A: Our teammates, Mark and Debbie, told The Littles that name when they visited. It stuck for the girls and that is where they call home. Mark and Debbie designed this home and have lived here for 7 years. They generously have given it to us to live in and we are blessed every day by it!  

As mentioned, directly in front of it (out of our gate) is an idyllic pasture, full of sheep, cows, horses, goats and shepherd children. There are visible homes/huts to the left and the right. 

IMG 4141

This young girl, with the brightest smile you can imagine, had her goats outside of our gate one day when we walked home.

IMG 3118

DSC 0536

IMG 3136

Looking back at the house. Also pictured is the vehicle we are borrowing for the summer. Would you please pray with us that we can find a vehicle for purchase?

IMG 0333My favorite part of the house, the kitchen with lots of windows filled with beautiful scenery. I spend A LOT of time in the kitchen and am so thankful I love being in it!

IMG 4165

This is the view from the back kitchen windows…what I look at when washing dishes. This picture doesn't show it well, but there is a creek directly behind the grasses and then a pasture with grazing horses before the next tree line. Another hut/home is also visible from our window.

IMG 0348

This is our family room, very bright and cheery with all the windows!   Not every day is there laundry hanging. This is where you enter the house and can be used for hosting visitors who drop in. Last night here we had a lively Amharic lesson from Zelalum and Adgo by candlelight. 

Image 6

 Mom and I did some laundry in the tub while she was here. Wow, machines are handy. 


Image 8

Here is where the laundry is usually done.


Internet has been pretty spotty, as has phone service and electricity. So, I will post when I can. :) 




Sarah said...

love seeing your home! Thanks for helping us visualize!

Kristi said...

thanks for the tour! What a beautiful home! (and I promise I won't complain about doing laundry any more.) :)

Matt and Kristi said...

Love the tour! Thanks for giving us a great idea of where you're living! Where will you live when Mark and Debbie come back?
Thanks also for the specific prayer requests--it's awesome to know how we can be praying for you and the community. Love you!

J Gutwein said...

Very cool Amy.. Lately, I have had a huge desire to visit Ethiopia again.. I hope some day Luke & I may use our schooling for good there too ;)!!

Erica K said...

Just caught up with your last few blog posts. I'm sure Internet can be really frustrating but how amazing is it that we can see via FB and this blog where you are living and what you've been up to! So cool! Thanks for letting us know how to pray...we'll do just that!

Justin & Sarah said...

Wow! Just wow! Thank you so much for the pictures. I realize that it took precious time out of your very busy day, but I echo the above sentiments that it means so much to be able to visualize where you all are living. Will definitely be praying for "F." and a car. Out of curiosity, do you have a refrigerator? I did not see one in the pic, only a freezer. It is like you have stepped back into time...Again, wow!! I so want to visit!! The pictures of those children are beautiful. I keep trying to imagine what they are thinking of when they watch you, John, J and A...what a beautiful picture of the gospel your family is. I look forward to hearing more. Much love, prayers and hugs!!