Tuesday, July 16, 2013


 The 5 F's Project just wrapped up it's busy season!  Jon was right in the middle of this, starting out his day at 7:00, usually working through lunch and getting home around 5:00 or a little after. He sometimes came home for lunch but none of the people he works with stop for lunch so he often presses on. Our people here are very accustomed to fasting days and are no stranger to skipping meals. He also got to spend huge chunks of his day with his boss, Tafera, and he loved this time to glean from his experience and wisdom.

Seedlings of indigenous plants are planted by the 5 F Project and local farmers and when ready, are taken to surrounding communities and farmers.

There are usually about 14 workers, manually loading thousands of seedlings, driving to a location and then unloading.

Communication is difficult and our inability with Amharic is frustrating but I know that his big smile, hard work and interest in people speaks loudly. He knows everyones names and according to a friend, "The most beautiful sound someone can ever hear is the sound of their own name".  (Thanks Amber L, that has always stuck with me!)

IMG 4056

Seedlings at the project, before any deliveries started.

The Littles and I usually saw him at least once during that day when they come back for loads. If we are out and about and see the truck, we go over and chat a bit, helping where we can.

IMG 4357

Here is a small crew finishing an unload.

IMG 1177

IMG 4363

The Littles love helping and take their job very seriously.

IMG 4368

Women do the heavy lifting here, hauling big and heavy loads on their backs. Jon is still balancing where he fits in this, often doing "women's work" with the approval of his Ethiopian boss.

Image 5

Going on a delivery one day

Image 2

Trekking through all sorts of terrain to make their deliveries, they make the US Post office look weak, through rain or high water, they press on.


Usually with plenty of adorable onlookers.

IMG 1147

IMG 1368

Grasses are valued here as fodder (animal feed) and possible erosion control.

IMG 1465

Some of the work force on the last day!

Image 1


Sarah said...

so interesting, amy. Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures!

think and pray for you often!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the updates. Praying...


Mindy said...

SO interesting!!! I love seeing what you are doing! We all pray for you by name every day - including the boys - it's so sweet to hear them pray for you. I've started having them look at the pictures on your blog so they can see where you are and what you're doing.

Christen Leigh said...

Wow gorgeous pictures! Love how much you are updating--makes us feel very in the loop. :)

Todd ~ Teresa said...

You are doing a great job of updating. I have noticed that the Ethiopian people look happy and pleasant.

MarknBarb said...

We follow your blog, Facebook and Instagram...I am thrilled to watch your lives! It is fun to watch the new culture you are experiencing!

Thank God for technology...what would it be like to be a missionary 100 years ago?