Sunday, July 21, 2013

You've Got Questions...

I've got (some) answers. I love it when someone leaves me a question in the comment section but I am sometimes very slow to respond or it just slips off the radar. I don't know if people go back and look at the answer if I post it, so I haven't done a great job at responding…UNTIL TODAY. :)

We did not go to see the Gumuz, some last minute stuff came up and our teammates, Cherie and Cheryl were still able to go to dedicate the grind mill that SIM funded. I wanted to let you know so you weren't praying for us all weekend in Gesses but didn't have internet. So thanks for your prayers. I am sure the Holy Spirit translated them into something we needed.

I had most things packed and meals thought through and prepped so was a low stress food weekend and we had plenty of time to adventure as a family.

Okay, onto the questions:

Q) What is the climate like there? Are The Littles wearing long sleeves for cultural appropriateness or is it really cool?

A) We are highlanders now and it is cool here!  We are in the rainy season (6 months long). The days are usually somewhere in the 50's and the nights dip a bit but stay pretty consistent. Because of our high altitude (8,500 ft), when the sun does come out, it feels wonderful as it is very intense.

Image 5

We are borrowing a heater until we can buy one and only have outlet power in the kitchen, so it is a hot spot (pun intended). 

IMG 0343

In the mornings, The Littles slip out from their pile of blankets and ask to go by the "fire".

Q) Speaking of what you wear…why are you and The Littles wearing the same things in most pictures?

A) Maybe you've noticed, maybe you haven't, but we wear the same outfits. I have about 3 skirts and several more shirts I try to rotate for the girls and I have about 3 skirts and 7 tops I shift through (counting my layering shirts). It makes for boring but easy dressing. Sometimes The Littles just get too muddy and then I have to pull a few more things into circulation. We are so overdressed here. Unbelievably, I get bored of wearing the same things but when I contemplate pulling something else out, I am reminded of my next door neighbors and put on the same clothes, thankful for them. Jon wears the same shirt for at least 3 days to work, I usually make him change it after 4. :)

Of all the things we packed, I am glad for EVERYTHING besides our ginormous quantity of clothes. It felt sparse when we whittled down in the USA but now feels so over the top. And accessories, seem absurd, a belt for the sake of pulling together an outfit? Forget it. Hair things for The Littles? No. Definitely not. 

Q) Good Restaurants in Addis?

A) Kay Carbon, I did not forget about you!  I am so happy for your family and your adoption. I am a little fuzzy on restaurant names right now, but really like Island Breeze, The Garden restaurant in Adams Pavilion, Habesha 2000 (for cultural food and dancing), Top View, Sheraton (although crazy pricey for here), Kaldis is always good. Also, if you are up for steak, I have heard rumor of a restaurant, "Oh Canada" that serves a decent steak. :)

Q) Are the animals tame in the background of your pictures?

A) Yes, relatively. Shepherd children have small herds, one boy may have two sheep, another one cow, one horse, etc. The animals respond to their shepherd's voice and we have been able to pet many of their animals. From what I gather, the horses are rarely ridden. The cow's milk is consumed by people but not sheep or goat's milk.

IMG 0950

We usually have plenty of willing escorts. 

Q) Where did The Little's long skirts come from?

A) Our dear friend, Kristi R and her Mama, Kathy S., blessed us with those before we came and I have been SOOOOO thankful for them!

IMG 1030

Because of the cooler temps, we use leggings under the skirts, but seeing as The Littles are running, climbing, jumping more than ever, it's been a good thing.

IMG 0530

Don't worry, they are still getting their frequent dress up, still incorporating Daddio when he works from the house.

Q) Why the scarves?

A) You may have noticed I wear a scarf occasionally and The Littles do often. Most women here have very short hair (think shaved) and wear a scarf. I wear one sometimes in an attempt to blend in a bit more. Does it work? No. :) They are used to me now in the immediate area and so normally don't wear a scarf unless I am going into town. The Littles, they wear a scarf about 90% of the time. They love it, beg for them. I kind of get annoyed at continually tying them up but then remember it is good to keep the lice out, so wear on children!


If you have more questions, let me know, I will try to answer them! 


Two Prayer Points:

1) Wisdom with vehicle situation

2) First time staying solo here.

Jon is most likely, going to be traveling for 3 days this week or next. We have a lead on a vehicle (woohoo!!!) and now he needs to check it out in Addis Ababa. It doesn't make sense for The Littles and I to go so we would stay here. I am dreading it a bit, Jon makes our days so much more fun. I feel very safe here, but when sleeping without your husband, suddenly every noise magnifies into something scary. Especially when the hyenas howl, loud nighttime thunder storms and I have no power or cell phone. I know the hyenas can't get us, thunder doesn't hurt us and many people live without power and cell when the sun goes down, it can be creepy! I know, now all you rock-star single woman out there are totally eye-rolling at me :)



Rachel said...

I love this post, Amy!!

Sarah said...

So appreciate your post. Once again u should get an award for blogging...share just enough but not too much!

Hehe love the single mom comment :)

Nichole said...

i've had so many questions, but have never asked them. this post answered a few :) thanks for your dedication in keeping the blog world updated!

teresa said...

thanks so much for today's blog. helps us know life in your part of the world. also thanks for sharing your prayer requests. praying.

Molly said...

This was really good to read. Thanks for the prayer requests also - will definitely be praying for you that you are filled with peace and hope (confident expectation) in God's constant care and keeping.

arlan and katie said...

As usual, thanks for being real in your prayer requests...God wants us to be authentic :)

And thanks for answering all those questions as each one had rolled through my mind while reading your blog.
the millers

Ashley Baner said...

Thank you for taking time to share! It helps everyone remember to pray and especially when you remind us of something specific. Please don't forget that even things that become common for you are still very interesting to us!! I love seeing all of your pics and hearing stories, so keep it coming!

We just got home from Family Camp and I missed seeing you there. We had a special time when we prayed for all of you guys serving abroad. Thanks for being willing!

Tamara Widmer said...

We well be praying for you guys! I must admit I was one of those girls who would have rolled my eyes (maybe not at you..I mean you can hear Hyenas!) But once you get used to having your husband beside you things are scarier when he is gone! Praying that the vehicle search is successful

Todd ~ Teresa said...

Praying for safe travels and a successful vehicle search. Also that you will sleep well and the time will go quickly while Jon is away. Scary things are always magnified at night. The altitude is sure high. Love you!

Jill said...

Great post, Amy! You should definitely do more of these in the future :) We love keeping up with you guys!!

Christen Leigh said...

Love this post! :) Love ya!

Phil said...

Praying for you guys! It's nice to have a picture of what life is like for you right now! May the Lord continue to provide and bless! Phil. 4:19

MarknBarb said...

Thanks so much for this post! It was so informative.

Read proverbs 3:24 before you go to sleep tonight...consider it a promise!