Friday, July 26, 2013

Chowin' Down in Huts

When moving here, we had heard in a training that, as much as possible, accept every invite (providing it wouldn't be a compromising situation).

I wondered how we would navigate what The Littles could eat in the homes. 

However, when we walk in, there is no way to graciously refuse the food and The Littles would not stand for me not allowing them to experience the new foods in front of them.

So, they chow down. The Littles love coffee and I am glad. It's a boiled drink so safe to drink. 

I prep them before we go into a new house. "Girls, it is probably a mud house. Don't make any rude comments about anything. Say thank you, be friendly, and Little A, NO COMMENTS ABOUT HOW HUNGRY YOU ARE. Heavens Child, you JUST ate. We can eat again as soon as we get home!" 

Little A is always hungry. If it is understood here (like at coffee time at the SIM project), food is piled in front of her while everyone else takes meager portions. 

I remind them to shake hands. "It's okay if the hand is dirty, Mama can wash yours when we get home."

There are some things unforeseen, that I can't prepare them for because I didn't know to expect it. Like the welcome into the home by laying down a fresh sheep skin to sit on. "Mama, what is that?" I answer with a calm smile, while trying not to sit on the head of it, "Wow, it is sheep skin! I bet it is warm! I have never sat on a sheep before, have you?" They smile and sit down. 

IMG 0505

The baby screams when he realizes a white woman is holding him. (No joke, he studied my face about 10 seconds before screaming). His parent's apologized and pointed to my skin.

They really wanted to bless us with holding him though, so The Littles were asked to hold him.  

"Mama, he's not wearing unders!" 

IMG 0524

I tried to convince Little A into holding him. She obliged for a quick moment. I love this picture and know I already put it on instagram but in this picture, she is figuring out anatomy and is not impressed.

 Thanks for praying flexibility into my kids. By the grace of God, they are rockin' this scene. 


We are at Cherie's in Bahir Dar, Jon flew in and The Littles and I took a minibus here.  Bahir Dar has internet (four bars!), cell phone signal, juice and tomatoes. Sigh. Even though it's rainy, we will take these blessings. :) 


april said...

Love your posts! The girls are so cute in the first photo. They are not sure about the baby with no unders. So glad that you made it to Jon safely. Enjoy your juice and Tomatoes!

MarknBarb said...

"Oh, the places you'll go!" by Dr. have arrived!

So thankful you are back with your hubby!

Continued prayers,

Michaela Slagel said...

I am still praying for you guys!
I know what you mean when you say that it's cold because it's 50-60 degrees here! I can't beleive your girls like coffee! Is there anything in it or is it black?

Anonymous said...

simply. love. every. post. every. picture. every. story...
your girls seem to truly be rockin with everything. God is faithful!
we love your positive attitude, Amy and how you blend in so beautifully with those in Ethopia, no wonder your sweet little ones are thriving as well. Happy parents= Happy kids!! Of course, God needs to be in the picture then countless unexpected blessings continue being added along the way. Love the shock the NO undies causes for the girls. too funny!!

Love ya, heidi

T and M said...

truly a praise, how flexible the girls have been! so great : )