Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Our First Invite

Out in the pasture, talking to kids, a woman who works at the 5 F's project passed by. "Can you come to my house for coffee?"  

So, off we went, walking a short distance and then coming to muddy trails that sucked my foot under. :)  The LIttles were scooped up and rode along in style.  

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Jon came back to rescue me. Not a good day for slip ons. 

The family was just coming in for coffee and lunch of boiled potatoes.

Image 1

We enjoyed two rounds of coffee. Well, enjoyed is a relative term for me. I don't like coffee but drink it black here. Sugar is hard to come by and so don't want to take precious resources from families.

IMG 4203

After coffee, which we had in a rectangular building which extended family used for meals and had another room off to the side for sleeping.


The sister on the left is deaf and wears the sweetest smile. She is great at charades, which is my mode of operation anyways right now.   :)

The Littles were told they could explore outside.

IMG 4206

They were invited to explore the horse barn/kitchen/sleeping quarters for the 94 year old father.

IMG 4222

At the foot of the father's bed, there was the sweetest baby ox. Only a few days old.  

IMG 4218

This young man was incredibly thoughtful and delightful. He showed us where the family cooks. The round lid behind him is where the family makes their injera, a staple food made from teft wheat.

IMG 4225

IMG 4230

So blessed by this sweet family. Glad we are neighbors. 







Sarah said...

Maybe I somehow missed this, Amy, but what is the 5 F's Project?

Enjoyed your post and "meeting" the people. Your coffee comment was funny and reminded me of Seth who doesn't like coffee either. He has been "training" himself to drink coffee for years now so he isn't rude in Mexico when it's offered to him :)


april said...
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april said...

Hi Amy,
I have been reading your blog since the girls were little. I wanted to tell you that your family is in my prayers. Your photos are amazing and your girls seem to be such adventurers! I eagerly open your blog to see where God is taking you. Thank you for sharing your daily walk with us!

Mindy said...

LOVE seeing pictures of your every day life there!

Molly said...

Wow. Are there times when you are thinking, "Okay, I'm not on a trip. This is real life. I am not leaving any time soon...". It's so fascinating. I can't get over how beautiful the people are. Praying that your interactions are Spirit-filled and grow - through the good and the difficult. Love you guys!

Anonymous said...

Loving how you are making freinds so quickly. It is good for the soul! Wish I could jump through the screen and have met that deaf lady!:) wonder if she knows sign language, if so, wonder if it would be similar to what we call ASL? You know me....always wondering. ha.
Take care, and thanks again for sharing and for the pictures. They speak a thousand words. My, what adventures for your girls!!

Lotsa love,
Heidi C.

Jon y Amy said...

Sarah, the 5 F's project is the Fruit, Forest and Forage for Farm Families Project. It is the project our business visas are through.

Molly, yes, I have many moments when I realize this is our new normal and we will get used to it.

Heidi, absolutely no sign. I am actually not sure how she communicates. She is married and has a child.

Thanks for your questions and your prayers!