Thursday, July 18, 2013

Uncle Feysil

The Littles miss their friends and their adult playmates as well. God has provided for them through Feysil. Feysil occasionally brings his son to work with him and The Littles love it.

Little A told me, "I play with him like an uncle!"

IMG 4332

The Littles love to hang with him during the day. Here they sit in on a gathering of shepherds.

Feysil speaks great English but I try to encourage him to speak in Amharic to The Littles.

The Littles were using shepherd sticks, every day a different one they could find, sometimes they would find one with thorns or just way too big for them.

Feysil had a surprise waiting for them.

IMG 0474

Their own shepherd sticks, he stripped the bark and cut them down to just their size. The Littles rarely leave the house without them. Or without their scarves. Sometimes I don't let them wear a scarf just because it is one extra thing to wash. 

This weekend, Lordwilling, we will go to the Gumuz people. The station is part of our North team and we have the chance to go with Cheryl, Our teammate in Injibara, and Cherie, a North teammate who, after language study, will be permanent with the Gumuz. It is a warmer climate, closer to the Sudan border…I think a 4 hour drive. It is considered very remote. We hope to go Friday-Sunday. We will have solar powered electricity in the evenings but no internet. There is some kind of ribbon cutting there…although I can't remember what. :)


Sarah said...

Those little sticks - what a blessing - He cares about the small things, doesn't He? :)

I'm curious what the temperature is there? Trying to decide if the Littles' layers are for cultural reasons or weather reasons. Sorry I keep asking questions - just whenever you get to them...

Matt and Kristi said...

What a sweet blessing!
Where did you find the long skirts for the girls? Most of ours are a little shorter (though still plenty decent).

Mindy said...

I was wondering about where you got their skirts too - they are darling!

I love seeing the Littles with their sticks! What a sweet gift!

Jon y Amy said...

Sarah, I love the questions. It is cold here, I will do a post on it.

Mindy and Kristi, the skirts were made by the lovely kristi r. We use them constantly, as I am sure you have noticed!

Britni said...

Praying for you today as you head out. Love 'uncle' Feysil and his heart!