Friday, June 11, 2010

Adia's New Campaign

Continuing on the solid food track...

Adia's new slogan:
Just say NO to avocado. 
Yes, I am very disappointed by this. My time living in Mexico officially made me an addict of avocado, FOREVER.  Plus, it is a PERFECT food.  Our second avocado day, she swallowed a few bites. :)
Jada on the other hand, has a less discerning palat and has decided that all food is fun to eat.  She gets so excited when she sees those brightly colored spoons!
I tried to switch up the avocado with a cheerio.  Adia feels the same about Cheerios.  (Maybe if the food ends in an o)? :)

Seriously now, they both are doing really well with solid foods.  This is a typical scene.  I have decided that skin is easier to wash then clothes, so if the day is warm enough, the clothes come off, the girls both sit in their Bumbos and the fun begins.    (Adia is in the pink bumbo).  Yes, they are wearing diapers. :)
Yeah for carrots!
I call this picture the "buffet".  The girls have been getting a smattering of food.  Their favorite so far? Roasted red pepper hummus.  They consume it like you wouldn't believe. I am surprised they like such spicy food.

Ha.  Just kidding. Did you start to worry?
We are being far less adventurous.  We introduce a new food every three days. 

Approved food list:
-rice cereal

They are having a really hard time chewing the carrots though.  ;)


Sandra said...

haahaa...I thought...each to its own:). Id never feed such spicy foods to my baby, but who am I to say you cant:) I just kept reading on and then I started laughing. I love your posts. They are entertaining to read, making me laugh, or sometimes cry for such happiness I feel for you guys and your sweet girls. Sure hope those girls love those carrots:)

bri said...

You're so funny! :) You do a great job posting updates!

Margo said...

Cute pictures. I was amazed they liked hummus because you said it so casually... ah! the punchline :)

And the picture of them in the bumbos with seemingly no clothes on - sweet!!

Holli said...

The girls are SO CUTE!!! I do feel like I am feeding all day long! One of my girls likes veg and the other fruit - so I just mix it and they then both like it!
UK doesn't have single baby food items (and since I REFUSE TO MAKE MY OWN) we just have been using the mixed food (carrots, potatoe and leaks are Stella's fav. and Pear, Peas and Blackcurrant are Simones fav.- yep that comes out of one jar.) Hoping no one is allergic to anything (for you and me both).
Stella is lactose intolerant. Not fun for late night feeding WHO'S BOTTLE IS THIS???:)