Thursday, June 17, 2010

Zoo Day!

On Saturday, our family had our first zoo day.  Those of you that know me well know that I LOVE the zoo.  Last year, I begged Jon to get the family pass.  After further discussion I realized we wouldn't get the value out of it, so I decided to bide my time until kids before I would press the family pass again. 

Guess what, two kids later, we have a family pass! We even have the buddy pass, so if you want to help me with the twins at the zoo, call me! (Yes, I am thinking of you, Amy K).  ;)
So, I am not sure if the girls really saw any animals.  I think they did see the sea lions, geese and horses.  Otherwise, they just watched us point to the animals.

We chose to go on a HOT day.  I feel like hot is an understatement here.  I mean, crazy muggy, sticky heat.  Like we had to go into the rainforest exhibit to cool off.  (Yes, I am exaggerating, but it felt about the same as the rainforest!)  Jon decided to take the girls through the mist-thingies every chance he got.
They liked them. :)

My, my, I must add on to this post. Cheerios are strewn across the floor, laundry needs done, readoption lawyers need to be found, but I must let you in on my gleeful excitement!  My Zoo Pass came in the mail!  Did you know we get discounted entrance to zoos all across the U.S?  Oh my. My poor children are going to be so sick of animals...or become zoologist.  ;) 


Sarah said...

We have a zoo pass too !!!! So let's get together sometime...changing the subject a little bit, we really liked our readoption lawyer so if you want his name call me =)

Sarah S.

Christa said...

We have the zoo pass, too! We love it and have gotten much use out of it. Jack is always wanting to know when we are going to the zoo next. Yesterday, as I was driving and running errands, he told me that "this is the way to the zoo" and he was correct, though that is not where we went.
Christa Wiegand

--John.and.Amy said...

I would soooo go to the zoo with you guys. I don't think I've been to a zoo in... at least 5 years. This week filled up, but I'm thinking about coming over (we don't have to go to the zoo) Monday or Wednesday?? Love, love, LOVE the pictures of Jada eating her cheerios.
Amy K

Holli said...

Have you been to the Phx Zoo??? BEST ZOO IN THE WORLD!!! Make sure to go in the winter!:) SO FUN! also love the zoo!

Justin & Sarah said...

We also have a family zoo pass to the one here in Detroit. The kids love it!! And so do I, because they take REALLY long naps afterwards... :)