Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Lots of Lovin's

On Sunday after church, we went to my parents house.  Everyone was going to be there, except my brother Jay, who is spending the Summer in Nebraska.

The girls are the first grandchildren on my side of the family.  Needless to say, there is lots of excitement about this.  We were there before the rest of the family and this is what happened upon seconds of them walking in.  :)
After a few minutes, this was the scene...
It is a good thing there are two babies to soak up all the attention!
It is fun to have people be as excited as I am about all their new development.

The girls have learned to give kisses and kissed everyone multiple times (Kiss pictures coming in another post).
Aunt Kris gives Adia a kiss
Here is a sneak peek of their kisses, they usually involve a completely open mouth and the girls suck on somewhere on your face.  Here Uncle Chad receives all Adia's lovin's.
Great-Grandma gave the girls beanie baby bunnies, which they loved because the ears are perfect for chewing on!
I wish I had a picture of the 6 people watching the girls eat, but I think my Grandma taping and my Mom's expression says it all. :)

The girls also experienced their first 4-wheeler ride.  We thought they would love it
I forgot to factor in they were already pretty overstimulated.  Adia gave it a thumbs down.

Jada gets ready to go...
I guess she did about as well.  :)
It's okay, they will be farm girls in no time.

Please Pray: Our friends Zach and Jenny have just found out he has stage 4 colon cancer and spots in his liver and both lungs, possibly his spine.  Zach is 27.  They have two young children and are incredible examples of a Godly family to us.


Kristen said...

this post made me laugh and want to be with your girls again! They are too precious. I could really use a sloppy, wet kiss about now. :) I have a pic of everyone watching you feed them, but it's pretty dark.

Thanks for the update about Zach and Jenny. I'm praying!

Love ya,

Minders said...

SO SO Darling! I love all the attention they get - so fun!

My boys were looking at these pictures "oogling" over the girls! (You may want to warn them they have prospective husbands in IL :) ) They said they are excited to have a sister that looks like your girls!