Saturday, June 26, 2010

Sculpture Saturday-A Beginning of a Series

I really like our town in the Summer.  We live a few minutes walk from the downtown area, which means we can walk to our farmer's market, restaurants, antique shops, bank, library, post office, etc.  We are also a few minutes walk from the park, pool and 4-H park.  (We are missing a horse pull currently). ;) I grew up in the country and have still not gotten used to living in town, but I do like to walk places, especially now that I don't have to load up two girls into carseats! 

Our town is very known for their historic district and the city has done a lot to bring in tourist.  This year, we have the "Sculptures in the Square" campaign.  All summer long, sculptures have been put around town and tourist flock to do a hunt for the sculptures and take pictures.  One day as I was walking, I saw another carload of Senior citizens unload and take pictures of the sculptures.  They are cool, but very early on in life, when I got my first camera and developed my first roll of film, my Mom gave me a very strong suggestion: Don't take pictures unless their are living people in them!   I am pretty sure pets were okay too. So, this has been ingrained in me ever since, see a pretty sunset, put someone in it.  You get the point.

So, we have decided to become part of the sculptures. I will post try to post one every Saturday. If this whets your appetite for more and you can't wait 15 weeks for them to be unveiled, one-by-one, we would love to walk with you and show you the sculptures.  :)

Sculpture #1-"Bunnies Don't Bite



teresa said...

so sweet. i'll be watching for the series. thanks for the tour and for including people in your pictures. :)

ashley said...

hi! i just found your blog, through a friend! i just wanted to say hello so i also have a blog and live in auburn...such a small world! and your girls are absolutely adorable! :)

2Dimples4Me said...

OH! Dustin and I loved in that area for a few years and loved it too! The sculptures in the square is a really cool thing....we made it a date night a few summers back. Ate at Mad Ants and then an ice cream while wandering thru town finding all the sculptures! How fun!