Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Story of Some Trauma (for Mama) and Some Sweetness

Ready for my trauma? The girls had to get their blood drawn.  Let's just say, the girls cried/screamed, I cried and felt woozy and my Mom held them down and cried.  It is a lot of work to find veins in little arms and it took several tries and then their blood was slow to come! They had to move the needle around.  It was indescribably horrible.  Today, I gained so much respect for all those mothers who have had to watch their sick kids in the hospital.  Oh my.  I felt sick to my stomach and helpless.  Praise the Lord for my mother who held them.  (I held the non-pricked twin and tried to comfort the one being worked on...) The worst part, they didn't get enough blood to do all their tests!  We were so worked up (and so was the nurse) they suggested we come back a different day. Oh my, not an experience I look forward to repeating! 

Okay, enough with the trauma, in good news, I have about 80 thank you's done!  YAY!

On to the sweetness...
Last week, we decided to change up our routine and we went down to my Mom and Dad's. 
I have marvelled that the girls don't seem scared of many things, the dogs were no exception, they were fascinated.
Great-Grandma and Grandpa F also came to visit, so fun!
I recently heard there has been problems viewing my photos, I am doing the same process I have always done, if you have any suggestions for me, please let me know!


The Lehman's said...

Great story!! Awesome picture with G Grandpa Fiechter. I am able to see the pictures fine. Saw you guys in church on Sunday you all looked well rested. Have a great day. julie :)

Nathan and Rachel said...

wow, that almost makes me cry just reading about it! shots are bad enough and they go so quick! i can't imagine if the needle had to be in there for an extended period of time! so sad:(

oh, and we have not had any trouble viewing your pictures:) Pam said...

Amy, what are you using to write on your blog & what are you using to put your photos on? I really like "windows live writer" for blog writing. Kiahna had blood drawn today too, it was set up to be that kind of experience, but she made some really good choices and decided that ice cream was worth it and she did great... jadon is getting some drawn tomorrow (or one day soon) I pray it goes better next time, maybe they will be sleeping & not even konw they are getting it done! It could happen!! :)

Sandra said...

poor little girls!! Sure praying it goes better the next time.
Ive never had any problems viewing your photos and Im so thankful!! Id hate miss those cute cheeks on your twins:)

teresa said...

the trauma does not sound good. praying the next round goes much better.

ps seeing and enjoying your pictures

David and Larisa said...

Ugh...needles and little ones who don't understand just shouldn't have to be mixed. I got all teary and panicky when Yikealo had to have blood drawn the first time too. It took both me and David to hold him down while he SHRIEKED and fought and sobbed, and the tech did a fantastic job and managed to get everything really quickly. I can't imagine how horrible you felt. We'll pray that the next time goes better.

Incidentally, we've had no trouble whatsoever with your photos.

Sarah said...

Did you go to dupont? We had a really bad time with Selah and she needed alot of labs done. They ended up calling a NICU nurse down and she did an arterial stick which is even deeper and more painful than a venous draw. Our Dr suggested that next time we needed labs to go to Lutheran Childrens. They have more experience with kids. So sorry for the girls :(
Sarah S.

Kristen said...

Ames - heard about the trauma from mom :( sadness. I wonder if your pics are too large for slower internet connections?