Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Book Worm, The Lawnmower and A Guessing Game...

The Book Worm
The girls and I read books together. They really seem to like it; however, I have never thought of offering them a book.  Until yesterday. I sat Adia down and sat some books in front of her.  She was thrilled!
She sat and turned pages, looked at pictures, etc.  She didn't have a lot of control, but she really liked the experience.

Jada, she enjoyed the books too. :)
Yum, Yum!

The Lawnmower
When I put the girls on the blanket in the yard, Adia is continually enamored with the grass.  It can occupy her for long amounts of time.  Because I don't see her eating it, I usually allow it.

"No, I wasn't eating grass..."

Jada spent her blanket time looking up at the sky and sucking on her thumb.
Love those eyebrows!

Now, On to the Guessing Game!
On June 28th, one of the girls said their first word.

Comment and leave your guess:
Who said the first word?
Which word was it?

I guess to make it a game, there should be a prize...Hmm...will have to think about that...


Jay said...

Jada said "Landscape Architect"--My best guess

The Lehman's said...

Boy, this is a tough one. My guess: Jada--ma! I think with all the books she has been reading--it must be paying off. Unless it was Aida who told Jada to get up and try this green stuff. No, I am thinking it was Jada and "ma". julie :)

Nathan and Rachel said...

Adia--"dada" (because that is the first word my kids say!)

Sandra said...

So Im also going to have to say "dada" except it was said by Jada. Dada was the first word ALL THREE of my boys said first.

Even if Adia ate a piece of grass...she will be fine:). I taught my boys how to find the perfect blade and then pull it out so gently and chew the end of it. They love to do it. Its a sweet taste. (this is as long as your grass is not treated on a normal basis).

Love all your posts!!!

Matt & Bekah said...

Adia - I think she said Ma!

Susie said...

Wow this is tough. I will have to go with Jada either saying DA or Yum!
Love the pics!

gloria said...

Amy, que juego tan dificil :) me gustaria mucho adivinar, y me gustaria muchisimo mas ganar un premio, something like, una foto con tus ninas en este preciso momento, pero lo siento, todavia ni puedo decir con precision quien es quien, ya se, vas a estar desilusionada conmigo, pero soy muy mala con los twins, casi nunca se quien es quien y menos si no los he visto. Si les ensenas espanol, adivino que dijo MA, porque es la primer palabra que decimos en mx, pero como dudo que tienes tiempo para el espanol, adivino que dijo DA, cual de las dos??? no se :)

so excited to meet them prob in a few months, although they're gonna be one yr alreday, i warrantie you they're gonna be even cutter :)

love ya emiliana

Minders said...

My guess is Adia saying "dada" because that's what my boys said first as well. :) The only reason I'm guessing Adia is because of all her time reading books. :)

Rachel said...

I think that Jada said it because she is usually more talkative, and my guess is she said either mama or dada.

Justin & Sarah said...

My guess would be either "more" or "dada." Those were always my kids' first words... BTW, I can't wait to see them this weekend!!! (And you of course!) :)