Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Difference a Month Can Make

I have never posted the girls' 6 month pictures, now I have taken their seven month pictures a few weeks ago, and you haven't seen that cuteness yet either!

Six Month Pictures:

Poor Jada, she had just woken up and this is when their neck muscles weren't quite as strong.  It was too much hard work to keep that head up for long!

Seven Month Pictures:

Hungry Kids, Stuffed Church
I encourage you to watch this. Make it past the first 30 seconds because I almost didn't.  It is very thought-provoking and convicting to me.  God has made it very clear that I am at a new brink and I best move to obedient action.
I will have this posted at the bottom of my blog as well...


Holli said...

powerful stuff!
love the pics of the girls!!

2Dimples4Me said...

Very powerful message there. You say you feel moved...how? What can we do? Im not asking as a fatalist, Im genuinely asking how I can help. Im clueless as to how I can make a difference. Can you tell me?

Justin & Sarah said...

Oh Amy, my heart just ached - not for those poor children, but at the reminder of my own sinfulness. Thank you for that convicting reminder.