Monday, August 2, 2010

An Incomplete Recap of the Lakes

Back to life as normal...well sort of.  Since we have been back, Adia has had a fever.  Today it peaked at 104.8.  I freaked out, poor little girl, she was shivering, panting like a little puppy dog and in was a little limp doll in my arms.  Jon was at church and Jada was hungry.  I sat on the floor and fed Jada while holding a very sick Adia and I cried.  I guess I am a complete wuss when the girls are sick.  If the Tylenol starts to wear off, she spikes again.  I talked with a doctor today (Sunday) and she said that Jada will probably get the same virus by Tuesday.  Sad sigh. I am very thankful that this is the first round of sick girls we have had.

The girls did really well though and we made big strides with being comfortable with new faces. 

Here is the sponsor of the whole Lakes event (Grandma Dorothy, not Troy).

The girls really liked the water, especially in their kiddie pool!
They also liked all the additional attention!  It was so cute to watch them become familiar with new faces and then light up to see them!
With all of the attention, the girls added to their "trick" repertoire.  They can now wave "hi" and "bye".
Jada's version of "so big!" involves putting both hands together.
We also now can do "pat-a-cake", give high fives and make boat noises.

The moment before this, the girls were smiling...

More to come, right now, the girls prefer I was paying attention to them.  :)

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Amber said...

oh Amy, how I understand. Sick twins are HARD - two sick babies and one mommy is a hard combination (we had two babies with ear infections here last week). I've had a few of those sit and cry moments this past year and a half too. : ) So I'll be thinking of you this week - I'm sure your girls are getting great care and lots of love. Be intentional in giving yourself time to rest/nap and recharge. You're doing great. : )