Wednesday, August 18, 2010

It's All Under Control...

One night last week, Jon was getting home late from work. I knew it could be a long afternoon, so we went and walked around Meijers for awhile.  It was sooooo hot and we got home and the girls were grouchy! Hmm...what to do?

I decided to let the girls play in the kiddie pool and I would work on a dinner that I could prep outside, grilled chicken caesar salads. 
Not wasting time for swim diapers, I put the girls in the pool...
They were doing really well and stopped fussing.  Wow.  I was being very self-congratulatory at my great idea, besides, cutting veggies on the deck is really fun.  I put the chicken on the grill.
The girls continued to have fun and I was distracted for a bit, I look over and both of the girls have toys in their mouths, sucking away.  I look over the edge and yes, you guessed it, poop, everywhere.  It was quite impressive.  I pulled the girls out of the pool, letting them sit naked on a blanket, grabbed their toys and went inside to put the poop toys in hot soapy water. 

I started to dump the pool and look over, right as Jada throws up dinner, an impressive amount.

No longer congratulating myself,I start to clean her up, go inside to grab more rags and come out and see this!
She was in the full crawl position for the first time!


In all the excitement, I forgot the chicken on the grill.  We had blackened chicken salads that night.

Live and learn...:)


Minders said...

Sooo funny! My first thought when I saw the girls without swim diapers on was "Wow, I surprised they didn't poop in there!" Then I read on... :)

Yay for Jada getting ready to crawl!!! You're life is about to drastically change. :)

Your blackened chicken salads sound delicious!

Jennifer M said...

I had to laugh! I just love how you take everything in stride. Do ever get frazzled? If so, you certainly never show it! Yay on the crawling! (Maybe all she needed was the incentive of escaping the yucky stuff?) :-)

Pam said...

Your Gonna Miss This! :) maybe.

heidi said...

So funny!!! Those clean up jobs are so worth it!!:) One day you will agree... I promise. And Im quite impressed you never do complain about anything! You are quite the momma...keep it up Amy!
Cant thank you enough for sharing your darlings with us!! They are trully heavenly blessings!!

Love you guys!
Heidi C.

Bryce and Erin said...

Such sweet girls, Amy! It's fun looking around your blog and "catching up." The Lord has blessed you immensely. May he pour His rich grace on you each step of the way through this wild journey of motherhood! :)

My's always worth the extra effort to *prevent* messes...such as grabbing the swim diapers! How hilarious. I seem to find myself in messes such as these all too often.