Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Restaurant-Try #2

We got ready to meet friends at a restaurant last night.  The only two other times we tried a restaurant (once in Ethiopia, once in Michigan) it didn’t go so well.  And by “it didn’t go so well” I mean to say that I thought we wouldn’t try another restaurant with them until they were 2 1/2.

We waited for Jon to leave and the girls played with their favorite toy, a plastic bag.

Ethiopia-small camera 160

Ethiopia-small camera 179

The girls did awesome.  I was so impressed.  I think after a few weeks at the Lakes, they’ve decided they like people. :)

Ethiopia-small camera 165  Ethiopia-small camera 171

Jada tried her first lime and Adia tried a lemon.

Their headbands didn’t last, so we ended up with lots of fuzz. :)

I am getting ready to buy new hair care products for them as their hair has grown and the product I have been using isn’t working so well.  What would you recommend? I have heard good things about “It’s a Curl” and “Mixed Chicks”.

Ethiopia-small camera 174

They make friends with strangers pretty easily now. So funny.  When you take twins out and about, you never know who is going to totally melt.  It is a nice way to make new friends in our town.

Health Update:

Adia is on an antibiotic and it has seemed to clear up her UTI. We now are dealing with a yeast infection, but that doesn’t bother her too much.  Her ultrasound came back clear, so we breathed a sigh of relief and praise the Lord!


Jennifer M said...

So happy to hear Adia is getting better, and that the restaurant visit went well.

We use Mixed Chicks and Coconut oil. I keep some of the Mixed Chicks leave in conditioner in a spray bottle with water, and in the mornings, spritz down his hair,add a small dollop of coconut oil, massage it in, gently pick through the snarls, and then I finish with my fingers, smoothing and forming the curls. At the end, I grab two paper towels and use them to gently but firmly press (but not rub- gotta keep those chunky curls together!) on his head to absorb any extra moisture so that he doesn't have a sopping wet head (or greasy head).

Janell said...

Right now I'm using Blended Cutie products. Curly Cake Shake and Down and Out. They are online and expensive so I'm not sure how long I'll keep that up.

Just some tips I've learned... Wash 1-2 times per week is fine (I've heard people say less). Condition every time and sometimes just a cowash is good. Basically washing the hair w/ conditioner, not shampoo. The only time you comb the hair is in the bathtub w/ conditioner in! After the conditioner, you need a cream. Get sections of hair and work it in to the ends good. On days when you don't need to wash, wet it down good. Put a detangler in and work through. Then use a heavy conditioning cream again. I guess it depends on their hair, but I have yet to meet an Ethiopian w/ greasy hair. Go for moisture! :)

Minders said...

As you know I don't have experience with hair YET but one of the blogs I read just had a post on this! She recommended Taliah Waajid products. They are natural hair care products and are very reasonable! You can buy them online. Check out the post at www.babeofmyheart.com and it is the 2nd or 3rd post down.

I think like Janell said it depends on their hair and it might take trying a few different products until you find some that work. Good luck!

Hugs & Kisses to those sweet girls!

Oh, and...we were cleaning out one of our rooms the other day and going through old stuff. I found my scrapbook from girl's camp the year we met! I ALMOST posted the pictures on fb but then thought you might not be my friend anymore. :) You were ROCKIN' some bib overalls girl!!

J Gutwein said...

Hey! Carol's Daughter is the most popular and loved from the blogs I read. I have Ms. Jessie's from Laura Gutwein and it works pretty well and smells amazing. Good luck! Love, Jenny

Carissa said...

Just received the Curl products in the mail and tried them out this morning. Gia's curls are softer with the conditioner (I had just been shampooing once a week, rinsing every day and then coconut oil all over body and hair) and the leave in conditioner is fine, although to be honest the coconut oil probably does just as well. Of course, it's hard to have an informed opinion when I've only just used it once!

Wells L said...

I can't believe how BIG the girls are getting. They are too cute!