Thursday, August 26, 2010

Where the Wild Things Are…

Yes, that is right, we tried the zoo again!  Our best zoo day, yet! The weather was cooler, the girls are a little older and better at finding the animals and we started with good naps!


Tiff met us and we began our trek in the African Journey, where the animals were up close and personal!

Zoo 008 

They may be little, but they both want to drive!

 Zoo 013

Giraffes are may favorite animal, but I must admit…

Zoo 019

This one came out of nowhere and completely startled me!

Zoo 023

The girls were unfazed, both Jada and Adia tried to get him.  We kept our distance as the giraffe-keeper said he could be aggressive in swinging his head.

Zoo 028

The girls could find the animals this time and loved watching them!  Adia was enamored with the zebras.

Zoo 030   Zoo 037

Zoo 035

Both of the girls liked the drums.

Zoo 047

I am amazed how brave the girls are.

Zoo 050

Zoo 051

We maybe would have stayed longer with the goats if…

Zoo 052

They weren’t trying to eat us!

Whew! I am feeling much better now that I know the girls just might be zoo lovers after all! We just need to go when it is below 87 degrees.  :)


Wee said...

Hey, we'd love to join you sometime! We have a zoo pass and are studying Zoology in science this year, so we plan to make more trips there before it closes. Let me know.

Joy said...

Amy, The pictures are sweet! You are such a good mother!

Justin & Sarah said...

We JUST got back from the zoo a few minutes ago!! It too was the perfect day weather-wise. I will never tire of going to the zoo; nor will my kids!! :) I loved seeing how excited the girls were over the animals! :) Give them more smooches from us!!

Todd ~ Teresa said...

Amy ~

The zoo is so much fun! We made lots of trips to the zoo when the boys were little. Your girls look like they were taking it in.