Monday, August 2, 2010

A Catha-What?

This morning when the girls woke up in all their morning, dewy-eyed sweetness looking like this...

I breathed a huge sigh of relief.  Adia's fever was low and here they were, so cute and smelling oh-so-good. 

It lasted briefly.  Adia's fever went up again and we ended up at the doctor's.  Three days with a fever and Adia is back at the doctor. (Not her favorite place).  Even when her fever is down with Tylenol, she was still very morose and quiet.  She screamed while the doctor examined her...the doctor mentioned that she didn't see anything wrong but said she would need a catheter and some lab work.

Now, I am not a medical person by any means, but I knew that both of these scenarios didn't sound good for Adia or Mama (especially because my Mom wasn't present to hold her down).  Two vials of urine and one vial of blood later, we were free to go. 

We are awaiting test results.  Please Lord, just let it go away, this Mama can't handle any more pokes and prods in her babies!  All of this has instilled within me a GREATER respect for all the mothers who have children in and out of the hospital a lot!


Sarah said...

Oh, I know...this is when it's SO hard to be a mom!

Saying a prayer right now for your sweet little girls!!


Pam said...

Having sick kids is no fun at all!!! I pray she is doing better real soon!

Kristen said...

Poor Ads! I'm praying for her and hoping Jada stays healthy. Those pics of them from this morning are adorable!!

Amber said...

Your poor girls (and you!). We've had to do some allergy testing on Kate - it's miserable to have them poked when they're so little and don't understand.

I don't know if you've used this - but my pediatrician gave me a prescription for a numbing cream that I put on roughly a 1/2 hour before blood is drawn. I was totally dreading the ordeal and while Kate cried, it was more just a "what's going on cry" and not a total out of control cry. And she wasn't bothered by it afterwards at all. I'm convinced it's because of the cream. If anything, it made ME feel better as her mom. If you don't already use something similar, maybe it's worth asking your pediatrician?

Praying the girls are better soon.

smw said...

i so, so pity you. i think i've said it before, but i still ask jaret if he can come with me when the kids get their shots. i just hate it.