Sunday, August 29, 2010

Lots of Faces

On Saturday evening, we were at a wedding and Jada started to have a reoccurrence of her stranging issues.  I wondered why and it continued into Sunday.  As I downloaded pictures on Sunday night from our weekend, I think I may have discovered the reason!  We had a weekend full of visitors and a wedding!  It may have been a lot for the girls, but we were so glad for each visitor.

August 2010 001

Aunt Kris came on Friday.

August 2010 020

We went to the park and the girls used Aunt Kris like a jungle gym.  Adia found her leg particularly appetizing and amused herself for more than 20 minutes by blowing loud bubbles on her leg. 

August 2010 018

She did a great job of holding still, I am too ticklish for this.

August 2010 013

Adia comes up for air…

On Friday night, a wonderful family came over for dinner.

August 2010 049

They are starting an orphanage in Southern Ethiopia for Mingi children.  We were so encouraged in their work and our hearts broke for the plight of the mingi children.

August 2010 082

August 2010 040

Their daughter is a day apart in age from J & A.

We also have great neighbors!

August 2010 056

and the kids love babies!  So fun!

To wrap up the weekend, we had more visitors! 

August 2010 057

Jon and I actually went out for a date!  I was kind of nervous, but we got something to eat while we had 4 very willing babysitters. :)


Justin & Sarah said...

I am sooooo glad you and Jon got to go out on a date!!! The first few after kids will be hard to completely enjoy, but soon you will be very much looking forward to them! :) XXXOOO to J and A for me!

Suzy said...

They are sooooooooo (not enough o's) cute. You do such a wonderful job of blogging. The Lord did a great job when it came to giving you a mother's heart. I marvel at His workmanship.
Suzy Bollier