Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Good With the Bad

I’ve got good news and I’ve got bad news…

Today’s post is color-coded.  Perceived good news is pink and bad news is blue. However, I know that my thoughts are not His thoughts (good news indeed) and I may look back at this and think that I should have put the whole post in pink!

Adia continued to have a fever through the night and day.  The doctor called and said that the good news is, Jada can’t catch it, Adia has a UTI.  An antibiotic was prescribed and her fever should be gone by tomorrow afternoon. Jada did throw up twice this afternoon, but seemed fine after that.  The doctor scheduled an appointment for Adia early Friday morning at the hospital for a renal-ultrasound, a non-invasive procedure. Adia can’t eat or drink before the appointment, so I am going to change “early”.  :)

In other news…

A.P.T. 5 Roomie Reunion! 

Last week, our family had a chance to get together with my college roomies.  We haven’t lived together for five years now and my, a lot has changed!

Lake James 442From left to right: Brandy is now in Phoenix and has Georgia, who was born in January.  Stef is in Leo and has Gavin and Olivia. (Olivia was born in December). Then me, and finally Heather, who lives in Indy and is expecting!

The future roommates!

Lake James 410 Georgia, Olivia, Adia and Jada

Lake James 413

Lake James 421 Lake James 432

Lake James 457

Lake James 466

Lake James 399

Thanks guys, it was so fun! I hope our kids have many fun times together!

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Jennifer M said...

Oh, poor Adia! I'm so glad they figured out what was going on and are now treating it. And good that Jada can't catch it. Your pink and blue was just the right humor element to add levity to an otherwise concerning post of hospitals, procedures, and fevers! You (and your girls) never fail to make me smile. Praying Adia feels better soon and things get back to normal for you!