Monday, August 23, 2010

It Felt Like Vacation

Yes, we are back and that is the end of our vacationing for awhile.  :(  We went to Wolf Lake with Jon’s family and it was a great week.  It felt like a vacation!  Jon was able to be there the whole time and through the whole time with my family at Lake James, the girls apparently decided that they LIKE people.  Which, I am so thankful for, it makes it so much easier to be in group settings!

Jon also gave me a “night vacation” meaning he took care of everything girl related in the night, the pack-n-plays were on his side of the bed and I slept uninterrupted for nights in a row.  It. was. blissful.

Some snapshots from our week:

Wolf Lake 2010 038

The girls loved the water and the sand!  Unfortunately, they loved the sand a little too much and wouldn’t stop eating it.  Lots of it. 

Wolf Lake 2010 040

Wolf Lake 2010 052  Wolf Lake 2010 055

The girls also had 3 cousins to play with and their toys!

Wolf Lake 2010 063 Wolf Lake 2010 126

and there were many willing hands to help out…

Wolf Lake 2010 123

Wolf Lake 2010 137

Wolf Lake 2010 209

I probably should break this post up into two, but here are some more fun shots:

Wolf Lake 2010 242

Wolf Lake 2010 203

Wolf Lake 2010 161

Wolf Lake 2010 169

Wolf Lake 2010 142

Wolf Lake 2010 133

Wolf Lake 2010 119

Wolf Lake 2010 286


Justin & Sarah said...

Oh Amy!! I miss you and the girls already... especially Adia's adorable head tilts!! Please give them kisses from their auntie! I think a Skype call might be really fun for my kids; not sure as to weather Jada and Adia will get it... but hey its worth a try! :) Ever since we got home, Paige and Hudson have a renewed interest in Paige's baby dolls and baby bottles. :)

Justin & Sarah said...

Me again! I know you are a super busy mama, but if you get a chance, could you email the pic of Hudson on the tube making the "stop" hand motion, with the adorable serious look on his face? That picture makes me crack up every time!! :) LOL