Thursday, August 12, 2010

Twin Mom Club

I love having twins.  I was never one of those girls who dreamed about having twins. It never crossed my mind, twins didn’t run in either side of my family and in the adoption world, it is really difficult to get twins.

There are about a gazillion reasons why having twins is wonderful. (There is at least a million reasons why it almost makes you crazy too, but I will choose to reflect on the positive).

One big blessing that I have found with having twins is an automatic initiation into the world of mothers of twins.  This is one loyal and supportive group of women that seem to find each other everywhere!  I started to experience the benefit of this group when we announced that we had accepted the referral of twin girls.  I had e-mails of support come in from mothers who have walked this road.  A box arrived full of second-hand twin girl clothes,  I have had random women kiss me on the head, pronounce blessing upon me and move on. Women stop me at the zoo, the grocery, CVS, the park, just to encourage me. It is like this unseen bond between us.

God has provided parents of twins for us to ask questions to, relate with.  In Ethiopia, we were on the same floor as Scott and Heidi (parents of twins). They were a huge support as we got used to the world of parenthood and caring for infant twins.  There are three other sets of twins at our church.  One of the sets was adopted from Ethiopia.

Even though two can be really hard, and frustrating, an exhausting, there are these moments that make it all worth it.  Like yesterday. I left the girls playing on the bed while I tried to catch up on the laundry.  I came back and this is what I saw…Twins 001
Jada had her head in Adia’s lap.  Jada was talking and playing and Adia was stroking her head.  Oh my. So cute I almost melted.  

Another reason: You don't have to share. There is enough baby for everyone!
Kevin and Erica are currently working as missionaries in Ethiopia with Loving Shepherd Ministries. They are back in the U.S. for a bit and we met them for lunch yesterday.  Yes, two restaurants in one week!  Once again, the girls did great and we enjoyed a brief lunch with them, catching up a bit about the new counseling center for women caught in prostitution in Addis Ababa.

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They are so beautiful!! That picture melts MY heart - and can't imagine how melted yours got seeing them in person! So sweet!

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Too cute for words!