Sunday, August 8, 2010

Oops. Sculpture Sunday.

Sculptures 008

This one was embarrassing.  Jon set up the tripod at a busy intersection. 

And for your viewing pleasure, the girls with purples afros…

Sculptures 030


smw said...

sweet and cute.

avi is pretty thrilled that she can hold the girls now. she told me excitedly today that some of her friends already had. then told me about holding ?jada?-i think. :)

Jon y Amy said...

Cute! I am so glad I can finally say yes to Avi and friends! ;) I think it was Jada, I can't really remember.

Also, Raven and the girls are 3rd cousins.

David and Larisa said...

Okay, Amy, embarrassing or not, I think this one's my favorite so far! Way too adorable!

Nathan and Rachel said...

that is so cute! i love the first picture! by the way, that's the one that made me run the red light:)

Daish said...

That picture of you and Jon made me laugh so hard for some reason! It's such a funny thought to think of people watching you set up. So much fun with something so simple! I think it's great! Great work with the detail...hand positioning, bend of the knee, Jon's hand positioning, and you have something in your hand??? just like the sculpture?! Funny!