Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Fussy Beyond All Reason

Ads’ fever held on.  Today, she was incredibly irritable, even when she had no fever.  Isn’t there a medicine I can give so she stops squawking?! :)  Jon compassionately decided to work from home today, earning him 15 awesome husband points. Jada was relatively content to sit in the room and play where he was working, so it was a huge help!  Thanks to all who responded with sympathy and empathy.

I don’t have any pictures of Adia fussing or Jada playing, so I will give you a few more of our time at the Lakes.  Keep in mind what I previously mentioned about the amount of boys in this family, all raised on farms (which means they have very little fear and a whole load of confidence), between the ages of 14-26, add in their friends and you get lots of crazy, good times.  

Lake James 2010 105

Chad, Jeff, Tyler and Jay

Chad, Jay and Jeff are brothers, Tyler is a cousin.

Prepping to see how many skiers they could get up behind one boat

Lake James 2010 128

Lake James 2010 136Not satisfied with 6… 

 Lake James 2010 153

Lake James 2010 181

Lake James 2010 191

Eight skiers up

Lake James 2010 206

Lake James 2010 283 


Lake James 243 


Lake James 254

And Matt, Chad and Tadd decided to take the lake by patriotic storm…

Lake James 258

And a shot to redeem Chad, because, hey, what are sisters for?

Lake James 336

A few more fun shots…

Lake James 2010 094

I think Raven looks like a sister of J & A

Lake James 2010 335

Lake James 2010 099

Here is why you don’t see me doing any sweet stuff behind the boat, vacation with two 8 months old is different than vacations childless. :)

Lake James 2010 467


J Gutwein said...

Thinking of you... very wise of you to think of all the mama's in the hospital with their children. I tell my students that the mama's can get as mad as they want and be mean bc pretty much they are stuck in a cell with a sick child.. it does not get much more stressful than this :). Hang in there.. I am sure you are doing great. Love, J

David and Larisa said...

So sorry to hear about Adia - we're praying for her and hoping that the nastiness misses Jada.

Looks like you had a great vacation in spite of the stolen belongings...and I know exactly what you mean about vacation being different before and after children!

smw said...

i'm glad to hear the fever is gone. is that without meds?

the 8 skiiers is pretty amazing! truly!

and is that ben and rachel's raven? are they related?

L, An and boys said...

we had to alter Christian's shot schedule because his immune system is more sensitive than the other boys. Don't be afraid to ask your ped about doing them one at a time...this is harder for the mom though because it seems like they get one at every apt. I'm glad her fever is gone. I hope her labs come back clear. The girls look so happy in past posts (pictures-I know they have there normal moments)-I'm sure you are loving and caring for them just how they need it-never doubt you're a great mom.


Justin & Sarah said...


I have been meaning to call you, but it has been crazy busy. Paige always gets EXTREMELY high fevers with viruses, colds, etc. Average is usually between 103-104. She too needed to be cathed once to check for a bladder infection (not fun!) Anyway, one trick that always helps bring her fever down is giving her baths in lukewarm water. Not cold or anything that is too uncomfortable. She usually starts shaking pretty bad, but the fever will come down to about 100 every time. Also, to keep fluids in her, I always keep the pedialyte popsicles in the freezer. (They are found right next to the pedialyte at the pharmacy. She refuses to drink pedialyte or any fluid for that matter when she is sick; but she usually will down a few of those popsicles. :) One other thing that Justin has had to do in the hosipital to keep kids fevers down is alcohol baths. You dilute rubbing alcohol a bit with water, and use cotton swabs to rub on their skin. As the alcohol evaporates it draws some of the body heat with it. (Ask your doc about that one.) Anyway, hope some of this helps. I always found it took a good week after my kids were done being sick to get back to "normal." Love you! Looking forward to spending more time with you guys at the cottage!


Kristen said...

Love the pics! The one of the boys on the swing is hysterical. I also have like 4 shots of Matt licking that ski wearing those patriotic shorts. Too funny.

I hope today is better!