Monday, June 17, 2013

A Big, Hard Day

We sat, warming ourselves in the sun at the police station. I thought to myself, "This is so hard".

I immediately was reminded that we did not come here because it is easy. 

Yesterday, I know many of you were intervening to God on behalf of our family. 

At 6:00 am, we left the gates of SIM Headquarters, smooshed in our vehicle like sardines between our luggage and each other, excited about our 8-10 hour trip to Injibara.

As many of you are aware, traffic in the city is crazy, we drove out of the city and into the countryside. It was beautiful, full of animals grazing, small huts and homes dotting the landscape.

1 1/2 hours into the trip, a woman was on the side of the road, and without looking, stepped directly into our path.  Our teammate, Cheryl, honked, locked up her brakes and swerved as far as she could without hitting an oncoming truck. 

But it wasn't enough. We hit her. A crowd swarmed, many thoughts were going through our minds.  I prayed the same thing over and over, "God, help".

As we sat there amidst all the people, we prayed for the elderly woman, protection, favor from the people and that God's name would be glorified. I processed that almost everything we own was on the landcruiser and it could all get taken. I mentally prepared myself for losing all of it.

A policeman came by taxi and took Cheryl's license and tried to take the keys. This is the policy here. If you hit someone, it is always the driver's fault.  Our teammate went to the clinic with the elderly woman and appears she is sore and has bruises.

There are many, many details I am going to leave out here but God did intervene and fill us with peace.

Our teammate kept the information from us that she was very possibly facing imprisonment. We knew it was serious but not to that level.

We hauled the policeman around and another official back and forth between the accident sight and the police station, just flexing and adjusting.

 The Littles did amazing. They sat quietly, handled the fish bowl effect of the day, worked up the courage to use a FULL squatty potty and spent nearly the whole day without toys and very little food as there were always eyes on us.  

Long story short, we spent 9 1/2 hours not knowing our outcomes. SIM members from the administration joined us to get through the bureaucracy and process that we did not know how to navigate.

We capitalized on all our waiting by starting to take out braids. This is at the police station. Notice the onlookers.

Cheryl talks to kids as we wait in another small town.

And I am not sure where I was when Jon took these pictures.

Definitely not a Mama idea.

Our teammate, Cheryl, was an absolute trooper, protecting us and definitely feeling the additional stress of five passengers with a bunch of luggage that spoke no Amharic.

And now we are back in Addis. We debriefed last night, tried to get a good night of sleep and now we wait here for at least today. The elderly woman is at a hospital in Addis and has an appointment today to see about any internal injuries.

My Mom was planning on leaving on Thursday and she could use prayers for wisdom to know if she should still depart with her existing airplane ticket or if she stays on to see Injibara. Right now, the 8-10 hours on the road seem very daunting to her.  

To me too but I know this is my new life. I also know that God is sovereign. I mentioned to Him several times yesterday, "God, you could have stopped this..." I do feel fearful and paranoid. We could seriously injure someone. But I know He is faithful. 

And statistically, this doesn't happen to missionaries often, so now I guess we have it out of the way. 


The Lehman's said...

Praying for you guys. Thinking of our Bible School song: "With my heart simply trusting, there are answers when I pray" Keep on trusting and praying. Thinking of all of you. Loving the updates. julie :)

Molly said...

Wow. Overwhelming. Joining you in praying when your strength to pray is small. Love you guys.

Sarah said...

Oh Amy. I have no words, but know we will try to help bear your burden through prayer.

MarknBarb said...

My stomach turned as I read your post...I can't imagine what you are all experiencing! We will continue praying that HE will be glorified through all you happenings...made we think of Ps 40:1-3...may God give you a new song today that many would learn to fear Him!

Love you,love you,love you! Praying!


David and Larisa said...

Oh horrible. So thankful that things turned out as well as they did.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! We had seen the facebook post of prayers needed when the incident took place. Our hearts went out to you, but when you did the blog post with explaination... I can only imagine how difficult and scary it was. I understand why you would cry out to God, and plead for HIS help in the unfamiliar area with unfamiliar people. What I do know is the Lord commands 'For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither your ways my ways'.(Is. 55:8).
AS I took a walk last night, I had to wonder why all this took place... and often wonder if God was sparing your precious family a bigger mishap that wouldve occured farther into the trip. Or is it that God wants this bump in the road to stretch you farther and use it to reassure you that HE will see you through any and every trial that you will face during this new journey.
May God's peace and protection be felt constantly as you continue on this journey...
Blessings to you, Amy, for once again sharing your heart with us once again. The moment I saw the picture of you, your mom and the girls(taking the braids out), a big part of me wanted to jump through the screen and run up behind you and give you a big hug! Hang in there....

Much love and continued prayers...
Heidi C.

Krista Fletcher said...

So glad y'all are on your way again.....Praying for safety the remaining trip!!!!!!!!!

Justin & Sarah said...

"I am not ashamed, for I know whom I have believed, and I am convinced that He is able to guard until that Day what has been entrusted to me." 2 Timothy 1:12

Mindy said...

Praying constantly for you guys. I can't imagine how scary and unnerving this was for you. Praise God for His provisions so far. Satan is attacking and trying to keep you from where God wants you and he will use any tactic he can to discourage and deter you. But you have the God of Angel Armies on your side and I will be praying that those armies surround you and protect you.

Anonymous said...

And here I sit in my protected little world--oh my! Prayers always!

Anonymous said...

I hardly know you, but I pop on your blog every now and then because I feel like I make some connections being related to some of your relation :)
I walked in the door Monday morning at 4:45ish US time from a 10 day vacation. After driving all through the night I was headed to bed and knelt down to say my prayers, and you John & Amy popped into my head- God I know triggered that prayer for you and for the others who are on missions or going on missions. He is in control and will lead, guide, and direct. Love & Prayers! - M.

smw said...

i love how you summed this up. :) putting statistics to work in your favor. ;)

Jacki said...

Thinking of and praying for you!

Anonymous said...

I have not posted much because I can use only one hand (another story)but I have followed you all the way to this point and have been doiing a lot of praying. Now I know why. I have pleaded with God to clear this whole situaton and your life can continue serving the purpose you started for. Shari I pray travel safeties when ever you decide to travel home. Let God allow your leaving to be a sweet memory. Luv ya all. Aunt Arlene