Thursday, June 20, 2013

A Royal Goodbye

Rewinding a few weeks, The Littles enjoyed a royal send off from Sunday School.  Their dear teachers had thought of everything, complete with a working drawbridge, horses and a royal feast.

Little A informed me before the day that "they can say goodbye to themselves".  Neither of the Littles fully enjoyed it because of their apprehension about leaving and goodbyes. It is something that made them feel so special though and it is so cool to have their classmates involved in the sending.

IMG 3155

IMG 3162
Adilynn comes in through the drawbridge that the knight let down.

IMG 3173

IMG 3190
All dressed up many places to go.

IMG 3209
Stu led all the kids on horse rides. Everyone had their own horse to ride.

IMG 3169
The royal and very fabulous teachers. 

Such a sweet memory!


Todd ~ Teresa said...

What a great send off for the littles. Praying, praying, praying for safe travels.

Mindy said...

How precious!

T and M said...

T & I were hoping that one of those funny pics of Sir Stu would make their way into cyberspace : ) hehhee! Those are some awesome & very thoughtful teachers!