Friday, June 28, 2013

Coffee Ceremony

Thank you all for your kind words and prayers. You know how you move to a new place and think, "How will this ever feel like home?"? but before you know it, it does. Yesterday, working in the kitchen of our blueberry house, I was washed in a feeling of homecoming. I know you are anxious to see more of our house and surroundings and that will come!  

As you have picked up from our surroundings, it is STUNNING. One of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. Different than anything I have seen before.

Every week day at the 5 F's project (which is a walkable distance for The Littles and I) there is an afternoon coffee time. Coffee in Ethiopia is a big deal and it is a somewhat formal occasion as well. There are three rounds of coffee (representing different spiritual things, still trying to get to the bottom of this as the answer depends based on the person's background).  Once you start the first round, you stay put for the next two. 

Depending on the region, it can be different but here, the first round is coffee with salt, the second round is coffee with salt and sugar and the last depends on what is available. Sometimes it can be cream, sometimes more sugar, sometimes butter. 

The Littles were delighted to attend and have since been quite grumpy when they hear they have missed it. It is a good thing they are cute as we hammered through our first ceremony, teaching The Littles left apart from right as it is polite to use your right hand and blundering through other cultural issues.  Our new friends were so gracious and amused. So thankful for this response! 

Blowing on their hot coffee (the snack was roasted chickpeas)
Served by the lovely Monet

Though yesterday I wrote about times of sorrow, we are really so glad to be here. Just in awe of God and His people.

And this one is maybe a framer. 


Daveana said...

What a beautiful area!

Heather Hoerr said...

Ames... so thankful you made it safely and love seeing pictures of where you are. I was just praying this morning that you would feel at home there, so I'm very thankful you are starting to feel that! love you

Cheryl said...

Great shots. Love our staff coffee times.

Anonymous said...

interesting about the coffee thing. sure have alot to educate us folks from USA. Keep it up, Amy! We know God is faithful in all ways, and we are thankful you are all adjusting. Praise be to God!!

Love and prayers ALWAYS!
Heidi C.