Thursday, June 13, 2013

It's A Guest House Life

Until next Monday, we are staying at SIM Headquarters in Addis Ababa.

Throughout the past year, we have had multiple trainings in community.  It always has it's perks and it requires flexibility. :) We had no water the other day and it was amazing to watch lots of people completely take it in stride and no one was freakin' out. I did not publicly freak out but did feel immediately greasy upon the notion of no shower in the morning.

A glimpse of where we are staying:

 The shared living space. We eat at the tables through the archway.  Breakfast, lunch and dinner are prepared. We come when the bell rings. Much wonderful fellowship happens in these spaces.

The beautiful garden outside of the guest house.
 The playset is behind the flowers and has been well used by two little girls.

 There are signs like this in multiple places. Very motivating to clean up after ourselves.
Nana and The Littles spend much time in the toy room. A bit grimy, but the Littles delight in the toys and books.
Here is one part that took me a bit to get used to...
Everyday you can have your laundry done. 
Good news?  Yes.
The weird part, everyone in the guest house puts their laundry in the same baskets and then after four, it is ready for pickup.  And then you dig through stacks of peoples laundry, searching out your items.
Sorting through stacks of men's underwear, looking for Jon's, the hilarity of it struck me. 
Then looking for my underwear, hmm, are these mine? Right color, wrong material.
Our room. Because we are the only family with kids right now, we have our own bathroom. It's just down the hallway.
Mom has her own room but has community showers and toilets.

Because of transition issues The Littles were having, we decided to make things as normal as possible. So they are sleeping together in the big bed. Just like how things were.  And Jon and I bunk in the bottom bunk until the middle of the night wake up when all of the sudden, it feels like we grew into way too big of people to share a twin. :)

This is helping us all sleep better. Because if The Littles don't sleep, neither do we!


Britni said...

Praying for the transition issues. Thanks for giving us a peek into your life right now!

David and Larisa said...

Love the updates....thanks for sharing. Praying for you and the littles as you all go through some big changes!

Justin & Sarah said...

I just love seeing all of these pictures; being able to actually see the surroundings that you are in. We prayed for Aunt Amy's road test tonight at dinner! :) And we will continue our prayers for you!

Anonymous said...

loving the updates...thankful you are willing to share in the midst of so much going on and all. too funny about the laundry... I laugh with you, Amy. I can just picture you holding up your color of undies and realizing something is wrong here.
Lotsa Love,
The Carrico's

Christen Leigh said...

Love the pictures! Thanks for keeping all of us eager beavers updated.....hehe! ;)

Kay Carbon said...

I have been following your blog for some time now and I am in Addis right now adoption a baby! We just passed court on Monday and I will be staying here in Addis until Embassy. Any good recommendations to eat and visit? Would love to hear! We are staying at the grace house by the Nexus hotel.

Anonymous said...

Just caught up on your blog.. What a journey! You've come to mind so many times in last couple of weeks, we continue to lift you up before our Father. We love you!
J and M Stieglitz