Saturday, June 15, 2013

We're Not Gonna Starve

I have told several of you that I feared when we moved to Injibara, we were maybe going to starve.

We are going to be fine.  :)  We leave on Monday morning for Injibara and I spent the last several days learning how to grocery shop in Addis.  In the remote stations of Ethiopia, there isn't much food availability so you get your staples in the city.  

We will have potatoes, onions, carrots, cabbage, bananas and a bread type roll available in Injibara. In a city 1 ½ hours away, we can buy eggs.

We shopped for hours. It was unsettling to feel so incompetent at a task that should be so easy. So many stops, looking for specifics, not finding it, finally finding sugar hidden in a back room.

We bought food for our next two months. Soon, we know this stock up process will be second nature.

So, I am not good at shopping for two weeks of groceries, YET. :)

The Littles love Ethiopian food, which is a huge praise. Their first meal here of habesha food, they out ate Jon and I. This is wonderful because it reduces stress in the eating department.

We leave early Monday morning for our 8-10 hour drive to Injibara.  The excitement has built to see our new home and for our summer there.

We will drive to Bahir Dar on Wednesday to drop Mom off at the airport. She will fly back to the US on Thursday.

Thanks for your prayers!


MarknBarb said...

You two are going to learn so much in the next few weeks! Food is a huge glad you are getting it all figured out! I think you will be eating much healthier than us processed Americans!

Love, love, love following you wanderings!

Sarah said...

So thankful your girls are enjoying the food - I can imagine that is a stress relief!

Thanks for all the updates!