Saturday, June 29, 2013

My Shepherd Girls

Sorting through pictures seems like a chore this Saturday afternoon. So, a long, picture filled post will have to wait. :)  

We have had an exciting day, starting with me going to market and forgetting my amharic words and using smiles and gestures to getting our first invite to a house and drinking coffee and eating potatoes with a family.

In the meantime, one picture will do.  We are loving the pasture across the road. We have met many kids and are starting to recognize faces and get a slight grasp on who belongs to who.

The Littles have, on their own, started asking to wear scarves all day and when we go out, we must first look for "shepherd" sticks.

I was calling Little J's name and she wouldn't respond, she finally said, "I am not Little J, I am a shepherd girl". 

IMG 4251

Although they do feel a bit indignant the cows won't "get in a line" for them. ;)

Have a great weekend!


Mindy said...

SO darling! You are going to have so many pictures to frame! I can't get over how gorgeous this place is!

Shari Fiechter said...

Adorable! These little shepherd girls are going to embrace the culture just like their parents do!

Todd ~ Teresa said...

Just as we will bloom where you are planted.

The Lehman's said...

LOVE all the updates!! Sounds like you are all adjusting well. Praying for you guys. julie :)

Anonymous said...

Keep updating! Looking forward to the picture post!


Anonymous said... precious! So thankful all is well and God is seeing you through this new journey. Deep down inside, we know the work you do among the Awi people will be as beautiful as the scenery you capture with your camera lens to share with us. It is incredibly exciting for us to follow alongside. Take care of those sheperd girls and tell them a big hello from us.:)

Heidi C.

Justin & Sarah said...

What a precious picture!