Sunday, June 2, 2013

A Rite of Passage

On the phone, they estimated that to cut and give box braids to two toddlers, it would take 1.5 hours. The salon policy is that each child has to be accompanied by an adult. Our family of four went in at 10:00 to get started.

photo photo

One stylist worked on both of the girls and did each part of the process one step at a time.

Memorial Day 051

When I was near, The Littles would cry and fuss but with Jon, they were more smiley and entertained, so Jon had the job of entertaining the girl in the chair…get this…from 10:00-4:30. My view was totally blocked. He did leave once to go to the bathroom. MAN OF THE YEAR.


I entertained the other girl, spending the first 3 hours in the salon and then realized we were in for a full day. So, I had fun one on one time with these fro babies.

photo photo

The Littles loved their afros. We got a lot of fro lovin’ fans while out and about.

I would love to have The Littles sport this style more often but it is not protective of the hair.



Memorial Day 055

The happy trio upon completion.

Memorial Day 056

About two minutes into the trip home. Getting your hair styled is exhausting.


Betsy said...

They are gorgeous!! Love the fros and the braids...I'm guessing this 'do will be easier to maintain in Africa?

smw said...

that sounds exhausting!!!! my kids have always a million times happier for jaret, too. they will be perfect while i'm gone, and then the moment i step in the door they melt down. don't know whether to be complimented or annoyed. :)