Thursday, June 20, 2013

Injibara Take Two

Hey all,

We head out tomorrow morning, 6:00 am here 11:00 pm Eastern time.

Little A told Nana today, "yeah, we'll do that at the blueberry house if we make it." ;)

We are all so excited to see Injibara and so glad that Mom decided to extend her ticket and travel with us. Thanks to my Dad too for so unselfishly sharing her!

Please pray for a nice, boring trip. ;) pray for calm hearts and peaceful minds and hearts full of faith in God's goodness and provision.

And that all pedestrians, animals and vehicles move far out of the way! ;)

Love to all!


smw said...

absolutely praying. love little a's thoughts. :) so glad your mom is going with you, and praying for her, too.

The Lehman's said...

LOVE the updates. Praying for your trip. Thankful your mom is staying on for a few more days. julie :)

Sandra said...

just got back from vacation and playing catch up. WOW!!! Praise be to God for his mercies, his love and his provisions. He will not leave you. Satan is hard at work. So thankful your mom is traveling with you guys. Will continue to pray for safe travels and that you can feel God in ALL that happens. Love you!!! Can't say it enough, but your girls are ADORABLE!!!

Anonymous said...

safe travels my friends!! excited to see the next step of the Journey. Thankful your mom is traveling along. Oh, the stories she will tell when she gets back to Good ole IN! Heidi C.