Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Every Good and Perfect Gift

Jon figured out our lack of internet situation. I danced around the kitchen with glee.

Above Mom's bed at her guesthouse room was the following verse:

"Every good and perfect gift comes from above"
James 1:17

Mom's time with us was just that. Our gratefulness knows no bounds to Mom for coming and for Dad for supporting us by encouraging her to come and also to lengthen her trip so she could see us through to Injibara.

She walked down roads with us that most parents never have to see their children and grandchildren through and did it in a way that made us feel like it was her joy and a privilege.
This is our view across from our house. A pasture situated in front of a mountain.
Finding rhubarb in the garden

As we pulled out from dropping Mom off, tears were streaming down my cheeks. Saying my "last goodbye" severed my connection to home. I knew we would all miss her terribly.  The Littles were sad but trying to make sense of it all. Unprompted, Little A started to sing loudly and incessantly and Little J joined in. They repeatedly sang, "Blessed by the name of the Lord, Blessed be the name. Blessed be the name of the Lord, blessed be your glorious name. He gives and takes away. He gives and takes away, my heart will choose to say, Lord blessed be your name."
Yesterday, Little A came to me in tears because she had just been to Nana's room and Nana wasn't there. By the grace of God, I smiled and explained the concept of a guest room and talked about our next visitors, Doug and Jill filling the room in about a month. I turned my face back over the stove and wiped away tears before they fell into the spaghetti sauce. Little A asked to go "home".

I value transparency and honesty and for now, will continue with my gut level responses here. The question rolled around my mind, "How is this worth it?" I am standing in a kitchen in the middle of Ethiopia, away from everything I know and everyone. I am incompetent at everything here. I can't even string together a sentence in Amharic and haven't even learned one word of the Awi language.
 The Lord met me in the kitchen and comforted my heart. Yes, it is worth it. There is no sacrifice too great for my God.  I have the joy of moving forward in obedience to Him.

We are doing well, rejoicing in God's promises and basking in the wonder at the beautiful culture He has put us with.

I can't wait to see how God is moving here. Among the Awi and in our hearts.


Mindy said...

Amy, thank you for being honest in your adjustment - I SO appreciate it! I love hearing your heart - the pain and the beauty. Hugs to you sweet friend! We are praying!!

Sarah said...

oh man, wow. As always, your honesty moves me to prayer.

Blessings on your family!

Kyle and Trish said...

Praying for you guys, so happy that your mom could be there with you for a while though.
Those pictures are absolutely gorgeous! I had no idea that Ethiopia was that beautiful. Keep taking pictures!

Beth in Atlanta said...

The expressions on the faces of the two little boys that are looking directly into the camera took my breath away.
Please do continue to share your heart.
I'm a complete stranger to you. Happened upon your blog when little A and J joined your family. Have followed since.
What you are doing is very hard and very worth it. Praying for you.

Dana Jo said...

Our love and prayers to you. You are showing Gods strength!

Molly said...

What beautiful pictures - and a beautiful message from your heart. You are being lifted up. Love you guys.

Schlipf family said...

please know prayers are being lifted for you all..Mom included (oh,my) Thanks for sharing and letting us follow your path. Heart wrenching as it can be at times...:) so thankful God IS big enough! blessings! Twyla

Anonymous said...

God Bless Your family.
Don't forget to go see the Semien Mountains and Lalibela.

The Ringgers said...

FInally had a chance to catch up on many of your posts. Loved reading about God's faithfulness to you all and how you are processing. I shed a tear when in this last post about your mom leaving. PRAYING for you all!
p.s. Your pictures make me homesick for Ethiopia. Beautiful!

Patrice Miles said...

Beautiful blog, thanks for your honesty!

Anonymous said...



Rebekah said...

there is something extremely powerful in the ability to watch your daily life serving in and on instagram. It's such a huge blessing to be reminded so often to pray for you.

Your honesty has always been one of the things that draws me to read your story. Thank you for your vulnerability and faithfulness. It convicts me to be more faithful here.

Praying for your whole family.

Janell said...

Thanks for walking in obedience, even when it's hard. I can't wait to watch God work in you and through you as you continue to submit to His call. He is faithful and worthy of the praise of all the nations. Proclaim it girl! :) love you guys and praying!

Jess said...

Ames, I am so grateful to walk alongside you through your writing. Thanks for sharing your heart. I'm aching for you and yet filled with anticipation, as God has set you in a truly beautiful place where He has already been at work. What a blessing to have your mom (love you Shari!) with you. I cannot fathom what it felt like for her to leave, and yet now she knows...your home, your a more intimate way. Love you guys! And big props to Jon for figuring out the internet!!

Justin & Sarah said...

Tears mixed with prayers for you Amy! Such a beautiful thing to watch God fill the void...and an anxious excitement to see what else He has in matter how big or small. Please tell the girls that Uncle Justin, Aunt Sarah, Hudson and Paige LOVE the pictures of their new front yard! And we were wondering if they have a soccer ball, as that looks like prime soccer-playing turf!

Todd ~ Teresa said...

The scenery from your new home is stunning! Having your mom with you for the first three weeks was a complete blessing. The bottom pic of the littles ready for the puddle is great! Love you!

Anonymous said...

Aww! Thanks for being so transparent. We continue to pray for you. Personal request: can you pay pictures of your home? I like to picture people where they are.

-julie knudstrup

T and M said...

i have chills after reading about the girls' response in song after your mom left...praise the Lord His spirit is working in their little hearts. prayers for you...and I'm with Julie, I love to picture people in their daily lives. love lots, m

Anonymous said...

Wow....what can I say... the pictures are just so breathtaking, I can only imagine having that scenery. Had no clue Ethopia was so beautiful. Love you sharing the pictures and how your family is adjusting. You have no clue how exciting this is for us to follow alongside even when we are half a world apart. I about jumped in glee with you about the internet being figured out.:0 So thankful! I also got teary eyed thinking of another hard goodbye with your mom leaving. yet it is so your mom to take as a joy and privilege to be there for you through all this. God is sooo good! What a precious thing for little's singing the song... It brought me to tears again. You have such sweeties!!

Prayers always and hearts that will never forget you guys!:)

Heidi C.

teresa said...

thank you so much for your updates. will continue to pray for you & yours as you adjust to your new home*sweet*home.

thank you for sharing your heart. it helps us to know specifics to pray for your family.

often, your stories bring me to tears. i'm in awe at the praise song your girls ministered with to you. they didn't understand the full impact of saying good-bye to grandma but the Spirit prompted them to sing such an uplifting balm for your hearts. may you be encouraged that in each stage of "getting to know" your new world the Holy Spirit can prompt and accomplish amazing ministry thru you that will bring honor and glory to His Name.