Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Oh My. Dubai.

Going back to where we've been...

When we heard we had a 22 hour layover in Dubai, I was bummed. They sweetened the deal when they mentioned that the price of the ticket covered an overnight hotel and meal vouchers.

Hmm. Stopping a few hours from Addis and getting a bed and a shower. Bonus.

Dubai did not disappoint.

Think of one of the most beautiful cities you have ever seen and then imagine it 10 times more extravagant and have it show off 24 hours a day.

Now imagine that everything is free because your airline is paying for it.

They booked us for three hotel rooms. 

It has the world's highest building, a "seven" star hotel and bazaars galore.

Just so you know, having pared down my clothes and living out of a carryon, you get to see my same dress, everyday. ;)

And then there was the full buffets of delicious middle eastern cuisine. 

We took shifts sightseeing as The Littles were begging to not travel anymore.

They enjoyed the 105 degree weather from here.
 Win, win.

If you are heading our way and Emirates Airline is your cheapest option, jump on the chance!


emilykate said...

You were so close to Betsy! Well, a 45 minute plane ride. The UAE is so glam, isn't it?!

Sarah said...

wow!! That looks amazing!!

praying for you guys!

Dootaboot said...

I am happy for you and your family on your new beginings. Do you still have the old posting for people to view. I have been with you from the time the babies came home. I am still in the Jesus lead me sstage of adoption. I would love to adopt twins and maybe this is why I am drawn to twin blogs. I love the funny post and photos all the way back to when the girls were still kissing the yawning baby in the abc book. please let me know . Thanks. Robin

Mindy said...


Jon y Amy said...

Robin, yes, feel free to browse older posts by clicking in the archives or the older post link on the bottom of the screen. :) Thanks for reading along! Blessings on your family!