Tuesday, June 17, 2014


New life is all around us. 

A few weeks ago, we attended our first Ethiopian Orthodox baptism. Boy babies are baptized and named on day 40, while girls are baptized and named on day 80. 

IMG 7413

We went to church at 6:00 am.

IMG 2908
I didn’t know we could take pictures until after we got there, so I only got several on my phone.
IMG 2834
IMG 2839
Because of our friendship with the family, Jon was asked to receive Nati out of the water and into a warm blanket.
A few weeks later, we heard the wonderful news that our friend, D* was to be baptized at an International Evangelical Christian church.
When the girls heard this news, their first question was, “Umm, is D* going to wear clothes?"
IMG 2202
Yes, D wore clothes. :)
IMG 2210
 D’s testimony of how God pursued him is so encouraging.
IMG 2216
His smile upon climbing out of the waters was precious and powerful. 
IMG 2218
Glory to God, great things He has done!
Okay, that was my packing break. Here is how my house looks right now.
IMG 2226
We hired someone to buy mattresses for us. I was picturing a thin, flimsy kind so I doubled up for the beds. Now I have double the thick foam mattresses we need. Headache. 
Can you pray we can find a buyer for the extras in the next day?  And also, don’t take your return policies for granted. :)
Time to get back to boxes.


leah said...

love those baptism pictures of D, that smile says it all! praying for you as you pack & prepare to move.

Todd ~ Teresa said...

Well....too many mattresses are better than not enough mattreesses. We will pray that the right person will be found. Love the comment about the clothes. Kids are great!

Heather Hoerr said...

I'm packing boxes right now too and my house looks equally messy! But I'm thankful I don't have mattresses to get rid of. :) Praying for your move and transition coming up soon...

Anonymous said...

Praying for you as you travel and transition to life in the Highlands!