Monday, June 30, 2014

Walking Trails and Budding Friendships

IMG 7775

We hiked to our teammates house that is under construction. Mark and Debbie gave us their house and are planning to move into a more remote, mud-style house (no water or electricity) but because of some frustrating circumstances, work has stopped on the house. Pray with us that Mark and Debbie’s house could continue being built. Because it is rainy season, the mud walls will now take months to dry.

IMG 7791

Binyam spent a few days with our family, helping with the move and then doing some touring. He was our first guest of the summer. Hopefully many more to come! We are actually getting some very exciting visitors tomorrow!  Because last time it was fun to keep it a secret and I am amused by small things, I’ll not tell you again…until TOMORROW. Tomorrow. Tomorrow. :) We can hardly wait! Pray with us for a smooth trip and connections. They will fly into Bahir Dar and we hope to pick them up on our Tuesday morning (your Monday night).

IMG 2284

The girls had a friend, Ishmael, over to play. I was hoping they could learn Amharic from him but it seems like he may learn English for J&A. :)

IMG 2294

After Little J spent some time watching laundry be done by hand with Adgo (the machine in the photo has a functioning spin cycle), she exclaimed, “Wow, this is so cool! I know how to do my own laundry!” Because we don’t have a machine hooked up yet, we are doing laundry by hand. I am glad she thinks it’s great. I realize how much of what we are exposed to sets our view of “normal”.  If you want an arm and upper back work out. do laundry by hand. 

IMG 2306

Immediately outside of our house in our gate, the girls often shed their skirts and go down to leggings. They are so loved by Miss Zody.

IMG 2302

She is usually busy, as a ten-year old girl, she has much responsibility, but she always takes time for The Littles.

IMG 2315

Thanks for joining with us in prayer. We are so grateful for each of you, walking this journey from afar with us.



leah said...

we're praying your guests (& their things!) arrive safely! :)

have a wonderful time. prayers your way.

Anonymous said...

We are looking forward to seeing some fun pictures with your special visitors! We are excited for all of you!

Todd ~ Teresa said...

So happy that visitors are en route. Praying for their safety. Enjoyed this post.