Monday, June 23, 2014

Before The Move

A few more snapshots while in Addis Ababa.

IMG 7698

Loading a bookshelf with plenty of manpower

IMG 2255

Playing Anne’s harp one last time

IMG 7649

Choosing which “swimming pool” they wanted at the market.

IMG 2196

Wearing traditional clothes

IMG 7666

Laughing as Musi sneaks Coke.

IMG 7446

My enraptured child at the appliance store

IMG 2905

Which happened to be in a building with a glass elevator, that we may have ridden multiple times purely because the girls thought it was King’s Island.

IMG 2796

This moving stuff wore us out.

IMG 7672

Saying goodbye to my toddler girl posse. The neighborhood kids in Addis loved Jon but he had nothing on me with this demographic. Though I did nothing to deserve their affections, whenever I was out, I heard sweet little voices chant, “Amy, Amy, Amy” and who can resist this sweetness?!


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Christen Leigh said...

Oh that last picture is so darling! Great pictures.