Thursday, June 26, 2014

Carried Along

Are you praying? Because our girls are f-l-e-x-i-n-g and enjoying the process.

IMG 7795

Here is a picture of the girls walking on a recent visit. This lasts only as long as their is no mud, rain or standing water, then someone, scoops them up before they know what happened and they are whisked along on a back or in someone’s arms. 

IMG 7797

Helped across a small river

IMG 7800

Through the gate

IMG 7817

Time to go and it’s raining. No problem, before any of us knew the plan, they were covered

IMG 7822


This is called a “fota” which is the same word used for towel or blanket. It is used for warmth and for protection over your head in the rain.

IMG 7826

Little J is saying, “Mama, where are you? I can only see and smell this blanket."



Mindy said...

Praise the Lord that they are doing so well!! So thankful!

Anonymous said...

Makes my heart joyful...will continue praying....

Heidi C.

PS wow, gotta love how friendly and helpful the Ethopia's are. God is Good!!