Monday, June 2, 2014


Still wrapping up our time with visitors, we went out one night to a restaurant with cultural dancing. The Littles love these restaurants and proudly demonstrated the how-tos of Ethiopian cuisine.

IMG 2673

Washing our hands before the meal

IMG 2682

 Little A does a not so cultural eating of the chicken wing

IMG 2691

These are the faces when the dancers were on stage. The girls are their groupies.

IMG 2702

The Littles showed Nick and Kristen the “Gorsha” which is when you prepare a bite and feed it to someone you feel affectionately towards.

IMG 2703

The girls gorsha-ed until they were sick.

IMG 1687

IMG 1686

Lately my attempts at posting a video have been unsuccessful, so here are three links:

Glad Everyone Washed Their Hands (a 40 second clip with everyone eating with their hands from a communal tray)

Gorsha! (J and A give gorshas but my favorite part is how they say it every time-12 seconds)

Little A Imitates a Traditional Dancer (Maybe my favorite, insane moves by the dancer, cute moves in admiration by the child)


Mindy said...

LOVE the videos!! Was that Yod Abysinnia? SUCH good food there!!!! What a fun night!

Kim Plattner said...

Love it! Brings back memories! :) Which place is this?

Kristen Hoerr said...

Love the post and the videos. Did you notice that in the first video Little J (I think) is working on being "fancy" with her pinkies up? We miss you and laughing with you! I have not been given a gorsha in over 1 week! :)

Jon y Amy said...

Yes, it is Yod Abssyinia. :) We have another one we like the food at more, but the dancing has become very sketchy, so we switched to Yod and it was great!

Kris, I am sure the girls would love to give you a gorsha ANYtime. :)

T and M said...

Tait & I loved the videos. Recently trent took me on a surprise date to a local ethiopian place & we thought about you guys a LOT and wished you were there to explain everything to us! And now that you've explained the gorsha, we'll have to go back. The coffee ceremony was really cool too. Miss you all! M