Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Hello, Beautiful

A few days and lots of coffees later, we are beginning to feel settled.

IMG 3111

Walking to a friend’s house

IMG 3108

Hiking to our teammates' new house

IMG 3073

This would be my last option to travel the roads through the Blue Nile Gorge

IMG 3117

Breathtaking. The Blue Nile River

IMG 3116

Walking to another friends’.

IMG 3091

A view from the road

IMG 3119

I don’t love baboons but I love baby baboons clinging onto their mamas. :) 




Anonymous said...

awesome pictures, definitely breathtaking!! Love, LOVE following along as you continue this journey on the Mission field. How are the girls adjusting to the new settlement? hey, that picture of them walking to a friends with the mountain in the scenery, is that the similar spot where you took pictures back in June when Shari was there in some of those pictures? I adore that scenery.... and it brought back imagies from June that I have remembered, or so I think.:)
keep on keeping on for Jesus!!
Heidi C.

Jon y Amy said...


Thanks! Yes, that is the same pasture! It is the one right across from our house. I think the girls are doing well. We have our bumps but they are settling faster than I thought they would!

Anonymous said...

Awesome!!! Are you in the same house you started out at? also, bet you are so thankful for the language training? How is the language going for you guys? I know... I ask a million questions.:)
Much love,

heidi C.