Friday, June 13, 2014

Starting Somewhere

You guys, I am a big sentimental basket right now. While in Mekele, we were able to reconnect with the woman, Mihret, who we feel like loved our girls so much while we couldn’t be in their lives. 

We were never able to meet her and imagine our surprise when we walk into a care center and Jon recognized Mihret, taking care of babies. She remembered the girls and the following morning, The Littles joined us as and upon seeing them, Mihret accurately named which twin was which. 

IMG 6009

Girls 5 2

Waiting for our trip to the birth village, we had time in the care center nursery.

IMG 1985

Mihret is in the cream sweater. 

IMG 1898

Little J and Mihret

IMG 1906

Then a time of unexpected blessing, we spent time in the nursery of the care center, loving on babies. The Littles walked from crib to crib, holding their hands, cooing over them, rubbing little faces. 

IMG 1945

It became very important to the girls to get to every crib, give time to every baby. Asking to hold some of them.

IMG 1953

We showed them how I looked when taking care of twin babies. They loved each second. It was a strong moment as the girls were connecting facts and details.

IMG 2941

 In our house, we often say, “Girls, of all the kids in the whole world, I would choose you every time."

Later that day Little J asked, “Mama, would you have still chosen me if I was in the back of the orphanage?" 

And we think that explains their desire to get to every crib, even along the back wall. 


emilykate said...

This is so amazing.

leah said...

oh my. love the smile that is so evident in their eyes. what a beautiful moment. thanks for sharing!

Mindy said...

Incredible! What a full circle moment getting to watch the girls love on those sweet babies there. Wow. And how amazing that you met Mihret!!

Sandra said...

I just cried my eyes out!! This is the most beautiful post ever!!!

JJ said...

And this is why we nmed our little surprise baby after Mihret. We love her so much.

L, Ann and boys said...'m a bit teary now. So beautiful.

teresa said...

tears. so thankful that you & your daughters shared this precious time in the care center nursery. how dear that you were able to reconnect with Mihret.

Sarah said...

oh wow oh wow oh wow. God is so good. Thanks for sharing this.

(cannot believe Mihret could tell them apart this many years later!)

Joy said...

Truly amazing! God is using Mihret in such a big way! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I reconized the picture of Mihret from some of the first pictures we saw of your little girls being handed to you guys... if I remember correctly. She looks so familiar!!! How precious what little J said about 'picking them if they were in the back of the room' and probably explaining the desire to give attention to each baby. Priceless. Tears. Im continually amazed how your little orphans have touched hearts around the world. J and A are no longer orphans, and it is still hard to believe they once were becuase they just fit right in your family! I dont think we will ever stop being amazed at the goodness of God's perfect plan in handpicking those darlings to make you a family of 4. Thanks for the touching post!!
Much love and continued blessings~
heidi C.

Kim Plattner said...

So happy for you that God opened this amazing opportunity! This place has a very special place in our hearts!!! Would LOVE to sit down with you and hear all about your time in Mekele. : )

Erica K said...

Add me to the list of teary eyed readers! As I sit here realizing Kevin is about to land in Addis makes me want to be there with him and with you all terribly bad!

Sheila said...

Tears, joy, and a little heartbreak for our children when they begin to realize the true depth of their stories. Your daughters will never forget the "least of these" and that is truly a blessing. As an aside, Mihret took care of our princess also. :)