Friday, June 20, 2014

Moving Day

 It looks like the Ethiopian highlands is where I am staying for the rest of my life because I. AM. NEVER. MOVING. AGAIN.

IMG 2228

At least until I forget about the difficulty of this one. 

Moving is a good chance to assess, “Oh my word, how did I get so much stuff”. It has an extra level of pain here that nearly puts me in a panic. I am torn between wanting to set up “home” and trying to contextualize and I nearly make myself crazy. Questions like “Why did I bring my food chopper?!” whirl in my mind along with “I love my food chopper”.

IMG 2246

Goodbye to our happy apartment, the one we were supposed to live in for 3 months and stayed for 10.

IMG 2249

IMG 2251

Goodbye to the Freys. What will we do without our neighbors who became family?

Our drive was smooth, thanks so much for your prayers.

IMG 2263

Hello Injibara. We’ve missed you.
IMG 2259
Moving truck comes through our gate.
IMG 2264
There has been a good crew helping us move. So, so thankful for each one of them!


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Anonymous said...

So glad you have arrived safely and even got your blog updated!