Wednesday, June 4, 2014


This past weekend we went with families from our church group to a lake where SIM owns property. The property is described as rustic but we were really impressed by it’s amazing beauty.

Our church group circle blesses us so much. 

IMG 9089

Enjoying the sunshine and glad rainy season held off for the weekend.

IMG 9090

The boat didn’t stay anchored for much of the weekend.

IMG 9077

This little stretch of beach is owned by a man with a generator, he plays loud music and charges an admission fee. There are other access spots but this was hopping!

IMG 9081

The Littles take a turn

IMG 9110

It is a very deep lake but most of the kids were good swimmers. I was glad we had life jackets for the girls.

IMG 9119

The kiddie pool was usually very full. (For those of you that know the Dunns, yes, that is Amanda and Ramiah in the pool).

IMG 9105

The dads used a bit of old seawall covered in algae as a “water slide"

IMG 9122

Warming up in the sunshine (which only came through to the dock). It made me think of our girls’ coming teenage days. 

So glad God provided this group to make memories with and share each others’ burdens.

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Mindy said...

what a beautiful lake and a fun time with friends!