Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Next Wednesday, we hope to move to Injibara. That means we have to get serious about business to make it happen, but here’s to hoping! :)

Our family went to Mekele this weekend. We met with our extended teammates for a time of vision sharing, prayer and memory making. I took few pictures but we loved our time and the girls made friends who only live 3-4 hours away from our Injibara home. 

IMG 7554

Eating out with the Kruses, excited for many future adventures

IMG 1879

IMG 7477

IMG 7537

We stayed at a house with two boy and so they explored a decidedly male dress up bin. 

IMG 3009But there was this fabulous wig. 

IMG 2918

Fun for all, the 12 kids were watched by a parent during all our sessions. This is Jon watching the kids on my turn. I called him in for reinforcements. :)


The next few days were spent exploring the girls’ origins.

IMG 2067

We haven’t decided what we will share on the blog. I wish we were sitting over coffee and we could pour over pictures and just describe the blessing spoken over the girls and our family…Maybe we will here, we are still exploring that balance. Our hearts are full and thankful.



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Todd ~ Teresa said...

Such a beautiful police officer. Thankful you had a successful weekend.